?Travel Costa Rica Now ?? Things to Do in La Fortuna Mistico Hanging Bridges

?Travel Costa Rica Now ?? Things to Do in La Fortuna Mistico Hanging Bridges

#visitCostaRica #thingstodo #traveltoCostaRica ?Travel Costa Rica Now?? Things to Do in La Fortuna Mistico Hanging Bridges
a series of suspension bridges overlooking the Arenal Volcano National Park 1968 in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Costa Rica. Birdwatching . The Arenal Hanging Bridges, also known as Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges, attraction travel guidebook, La Fortuna must-visit attractions. Observe Costa Rica’s family-friendly bountiful wildlife, and tropical rain forest from the suspension hanging bridges of Mistico Park in Arenal. Discover the plants and animals of Costa Rica’s lush rainforest as you move from floor to canopy. dense vegetation in tropical rainforest, Puentes Colgantes, Many adventure tours are offered at this lush nature preserve with hanging bridges & a scenic lake. eco touristic naturalist projects of Guanacaste Costa Rica primary rain forest.

Costa Rica has opened its borders but is it a good time to travel to Costa Rica and take a vacation? Are the National Parks open in Costa Rica? What are the best things to do in Costa Rica? Are the beaches open in Costa Rica? What are the fun things to do during the covid crisis in Costa Rica? La Fortuna is one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica but is La Fortuna Costa Rica open for tourists? Tourists from the United States? Travel Costa Rica NOW will show you how they spend some of their time during the covid lockdown, when there’s few tourists around. On this day we visited Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park in La Fortuna Costa Rica. We had Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park to ourselves. Just Travel Costa Rica NOW and the monkeys. It was a great day. Check out this video, ‘?Travel Costa Rica Now?? Things to Do in La Fortuna Mistico Hanging Bridges

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I hope you enjoyed this video, ‘?Travel Costa Rica Now?? a Great Time to Visit -Things We Do ? When There’s Travel Restrictions?’ and we hope to hear from you soon. pura vida


  1. Can you please advise on this? So folks who don’t have a license or car plates can’t travel? Wow this is just unbelievably sad for me as a disabled person who wants to visit my family yet I’m not a resident yet.

    Los turistas de Nueva York, Nueva Jersey, Nueva Hampshire, Vermont, Maine y Connecticut podrán ingresar a partir de septiembre y deben presentar su licencia de conducir como prueba de residencia. "Hemos incluido el requisito de la placa para minimizar la posibilidad de que se permita la entrada a alguien de un estado no autorizado", dijo el ministro de Turismo, Gustavo Segura. "Estamos minimizando nuestro riesgo epidemiológico".

  2. Great video! Love the Hanging Bridges…. it’s a go to spot when friends visit! Looks like you had the place to yourself other than the little furry fellows!

  3. You should receive support from CR goverment, you make a great job promoting CR; and very important, telling true facts. Great job!

  4. I’m in Texas. Covid compliment here. Please let me come back! Left right before they closed the border and they canceled my flight in May.

  5. I really like your videos about tourism. There are so many beautiful places to see and things to do. Your advice is spot on and very helpful.

  6. I love the hanging bridges and that area so much to see! Love the monkey highway across the bridge also great Art y Sue!More of this content please..

  7. What a terrific video! We loved Mistico when we visited and your drone shots really show it off. It’s so nice to see D’angelo.

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