Ten of the craziest life-threatening dangers you may encounter in Costa Rica! Don’t let this video scare you from visiting, though. Costa Rica is generally a safe place to visit with friendly people, amazing natural wonders, and top medical care should you need it! (We use SafetyWing travel and medical insurance, by the way, and we highly recommend it! Check it out at: https://safetywing.com/nomad-insurance?referenceID=24739963&utm_source=24739963&utm_medium=Ambassador )


References and further information on the info and stats in this video listed below. Special thanks to the Tico Times, many of the links below are from their articles and they are a great source of Costa Rican news in English!

Car accidents:

More than 350 road accident deaths this year, MOPT says

Deadly Holy Week in Costa Rica – Car Accidents are the Leading Cause of Deaths

Costa Rica registró 1.428 muertes violentas, 32,4 % por accidente de tránsito

Rip tides/drowning:


Drownings are Second Cause of Accidental Deaths in Costa Rica

Electric shower:

Ocho Verde Wildlife YouTube channel : https://youtube.com/c/OchoVerde

The Dangerous Defects of the Electrical Habits here in Costa Rica

Un hombre muere en San Isidro de Alajuela mientras se bañaba


With crocodile concerns high, legal decision looms in population control case


Videos credit: https://www.facebook.com/luisferhernandez01/






More than half a million lightning strikes have struck this year in Costa Rica



Death toll rises to 58 due to liquor adulterated with methanol

Costa Rica reports more deaths from tainted alcohol; dengue cases on the rise


Central America faces dangerous combination of coronavirus and dengue

Brain eating amoeba:

Second person this year contracts amebic meningitis after visiting Costa Rican hot springs

Florida child dies after contracting amoeba from Costa Rican hot springs

Kissing bug:

Ministry of Health Will Conduct Campaign to Prevent Chagas Disease in Nicoya

Costa Rican Kissing Bugs: The Kiss of Death



  1. XLNT Video . I remember a young couple on a Honeymoon . just off the plane , went swimming at ‘Las Rocas de Amancio’ . were caught in a Riptide and drowned . in Top Shape just out of the Marines . be careful . and driving on the ‘Costanera’ with three lanes ( the center lane for passing ) especially around blind curves . Aviso .

  2. Tica here! I can agree on almost everything, especially with the showers, I have a neighbor who received a power outage while bathing and there was just a thunderstorm that was also partly the cause of the electrocuted, so it was a 2×1 but hey is well now haha

    Also going to the rivers or pools scares me now because of the famous bacteria that has killed several people, still if they are careful they can enjoy Costa Rica unless a monkey arrives and steals your things (it happens often in Manuel Antonio)

    Fun fact: A monkey tried to steal my sneakers while I was on the beach, luckily the monkey threw them to the ground and didn’t take them far, beware of those monkeys 😤🤣

  3. some areas are country side if you notice it why don’t you do something to make it better , can you?every country has good and bad things and you can die from many reasons
    I guess you couldn’t find a boyfriend is this a revenge ?

  4. Tico here.
    This video is hit or miss.

    The good:
    Car accidents… 1000% Real danger. Drive defensively. Drive smart. Drive slow and if in doubt, avoid driving during a very frequent storm. (daily in some places and can last a few hours or less).
    The crocs: Absolutly dont go in the water at river mouths of rivers that have crocs. NOT ALL RIVERS HAVE CROCS! But they will kill you if you are in the water.

    The funny but somewhat true, overblown, or atleast something to pay attention to:
    Mosquitos. Apply OFF or repelent. Always. Gringos blood is sweet and the mosquitos can smell you. But not a real worry. Look out for standing water like old tires etc.
    Terciopelo (snake) Stay on the trails (the snakes usually are in the bushes not on the trail. This is very uncommon. Very.
    Drowning. Stop acting like idiots. Water is powerful beyond human strengh. If you are in the ocean and you are the deepest person around or the ones that are around you look like surfers and gringos, you are in danger. Stay as deep as locals none surfers do. Some beaches are crazy dangerous.

    Dumb senseless things in this video:
    Lightning 😵‍💫. Where not to be: Pool, hill, under tree. Your home is fine obviously 🙄. Dont install lightning rods.
    Shower. Is it stupid to build them? Yes. Are you gonna die? No. Next.
    Brain eating amoeba. 🙄. Youll be fine. DO go into the hotsprings. Life is too short for qorrying about something that is as likely as coconut falling on your head… In NY.
    Kissing bug. Thats insane. More likely to catch an STD in a monastery.

  5. Thank you so much for this video!
    I have been in Costa Rica now for two months but for some reason it feels like longer. I have not experienced anything deadly yet (but food poisoning and hundreds of mosquito bites!) but after watching your video I am definitely more aware of the potential dangers!

  6. I tried the drowning bit with a rip current.
    swimming only with the incoming wave and staying flat and motionless on the surface in between was my ticket to finish exhausted on the edge of the beach in Limon…

  7. Narowmindness runs rampid. One thing is clear, Costa Ricans simply tell you "If you do not like it go home". Medioracy is expected and if anyone dare point it out it is because (You are not embracing the Pura Vida BULLSHIT) which translated means= (We really do not give a flying ding dong). I lived fourteenth years here cause one of my relatives is Costa Rican and my mother had the great idea to live here (SO WE COULD PRETEND TO BE A BIG HAPPY FAMILY). We lived prior in other parts of the world where we also had relatives like in Venezuela, Italy and New York /my place of birth. I could not wait to meet my Costa Rican relatives; boy was in for a big surprise!!! I am related by blood to some of these people, not all of them are people I could trust though. Unfortunately I have witness the actions of this particular unsavory "relative that murdered his brother with a gun to his head with no remorse". Earlier in his life, he was a full blown child molester". His father knew someone in the government and due to this "ADVANTAGE" this discusting criminal and putrid character runs free as if nothing has happened. The females in my Costa Rican family have been nasty, cruel, envious and downright jerks. You see, I went to private schools and this was an issue for some of them too. Foreigners are the target of envy, mistreatment, and of course sexual harrasment too, why not right?? Oh yep, and I was advised never to confront these jerks cause they could be armed. Costa Rica has NO ABORTION LAWS even for rape cases. In the eighties, my poor neighbor was gang rapped and she had to carry on with this bullshit pregnancy and on top of that, get mistreated by her dad, cause of course it is the woman’s fault she was walking to school and while heading to the bus stop she got intercepted by these sociopaths that dragged her into a car and violently attacked her. Only in the case that the mother is at risk (health wise) and of course this is always open to the interpretation of narrow mined fearful doctors (termination of a pregnancy may or may not happen). LETS ALL SAY TO BE AWARE THAT IN COSTA RICA WOMEN HAVE VERY LITTLE HUMAN RIGHTS specially in these particular cases when it comes to reproductive laws. In the early ninties I seeked legal and advise from attorneys at Cornell University that pretty much made me aware that the law was not retroactive meaning I could not go after this monster. What i can do though is give you his name so more people or children DO NOT fall pray this NASTY CREATURE. If you end up in Costa Rica be mindful to tell others to be safe. Be mindful of the name of the criminal that walks the Costa Rican streets free. Please know that he killed his brother cold heartedly with a gunshot to the head; and sexually assaulted me when I moved from New York to San Jose ( this happened from the time I was seven years old). REMEMBER THIS NAME ANS STAY AWAY FROM HIM. JORGE EDUARDO VILLALOBOS MENDEZ. This piece of garbage lived outside San Jose in Guadalupe. If the law is useless maybe citizens can be on the look out for monsters like this. Needless to say I no longer live in Costa Rica where things are pretty lawless. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach me via email rosescivetti@hotmail.com I of course always wish you the best but if you are visiting this hypocrite nation please stay in groups at all times, carry a copy of your passport and leave the passport at your hotel. DO NOT TAKE GARBAGE FROM LOCALS THAT MAY TRY TO TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU. There are very lovely people in this nation but of course their counterparts are also a part of reality too. So do not be naive people. Thank you

  8. We live on the edge cuz we are high with the pura vida life.
    Just like in the US road rage it’s a thing. But the beauty of Costa Rica is to be free, unsupervised. Just be careful use common sense.

  9. The idea of the video it’s to “ educate “ you when traveling to the tropics and also making money by using a title like this one, I am gonna try one that says “ 1000 ways to die in the states “
    #1 mass shooting
    #2 mass shootings
    #3 mass shootings 😅
    #4 black dude stopped by the cops
    #5 traveling throughout the south ( specially if you aren’t Caucasian)
    #6 Working at a 7 eleven 😅
    #7 Road rage ( specially now post pandemic)
    #8 Drugs, my oh my even the gods of America are covered in it.
    #9 Enlisting in the military and being sent abroad to a suicidal mission in Afghanistan for instance .
    #10 Driving in New York 😂
    #11 Shark attack in the coast of California, way more than the crocodiles attacks in CR.
    #12 Saying the “ N “word in the hood 😂
    #13 Being eaten by a bear in any of the many beautiful national parks 🙂
    #14 Living in Florida in hurricane season 🙁
    #15 Living in the south on tornado season .
    #16 Living in CA under the San Andreas fault 🙁
    # 17 Living in the west in wild fire season .
    # 18 Mosquitos YES! There are also in the states as well as crocodiles !
    #19 Getting cancer from all the pesticides and growth hormones that are in the mass food process ( also the water from the faucet )
    #20 Living in an apartment building that might collapse by lack of maintenance ( specially in Florida )
    #21 Being an outcast in the American society, they usually get killed by the cops when starting a mass shooting, some of them even video the events like a game, isn’t that fuc**d up ?
    #22 Getting strucked by lightning, yes it also happens in la la land .
    #23 Having a neighbor that’s a pedophile, they even have a national registry for it.
    #24 Ending up in a basement of a perv( specially if you’re a girl )
    #25 Drowning, an example : jumping to your swimming pool from the roof of your house and make a video of it wile high !
    #26 Getting hit by a falling branch from a sequoia tree, it happens to us in Yosemite and found out many campers died like that or from falling wile hiking the dome 🙁
    #27 Getting stuck in a blizzard and running out of heat .
    #28 Getting a heat struck in any of those crazy hot dry summers .
    #29 Getting rubbed at gun point wile resisting ( globally now days )
    #30 Being at a marathon and get blown up to peaces by radicals from the Middle East, that can also happens to you in a building .
    I can go on and on with this list but I believe my message was cleared, there’s dangers any where and you’ll need common sense if you’re getting out of your comfort zone, Costa Rica it’s generally a very safe place to visit and to leave, just come with an open mind and heart and you’ll probably have a lovely time here, like the times than my family and I have had in the states, a beautiful country indeed 🙂

  10. Costa Rica land where the rapist has the upper hand because law makers are afraid they will go to jail if they perform an abortion if a woman gets sexually assaulted and unfortunately results pregnant as a result of a DISPICABLE violent attack. 🇨🇷 Costa Rica where the patriarchy rules over the basic principle of humane reproductive rights. The law is afraid or hides behind the "SOCIAL MORES THAT THE Catholic ⛪️ rubs in from the moment of birth tilll death". The same organization that raped my best friend in Costa Rica when he was a child. SHAME ON YOU COSTA RICA. There is more than one way to die in this country; the first one is by killing your spirit, the second one is by gaslighting you and programming to firmly believe that such "things" are not common in the mecca of democracy. How can a country known worldwide for a president that won a Nobel price for peace NOT talk about peace for the most vulnerable demographic they have (women and children). Wake up Costa Ricans and smell your delicious coffee ☕️ AND GET A GRIP SO YOU FIGHT AGAINST THESE PERVERSIONS AND STOP ACTING LIKE THE SHEEP 🐑 THAT YOU ARE. ITS TIME FOR ALL OF YOU TO GROW A PAIR. Stop "trying to look good" you spend alot of time pretending to do this and simply not enough time implementing more action towards your HUMAN RIGHTS SPECIALLY TOWARDS FEMALES AND CHILDREN WHO YOU SHOULD PROTECT and NOT pray upon. My friend was cowardly attacked by one of your "priests" and I was attacked a pedophile too as soon as i mived to this country. This PEDOPHILE unfortunately was related to us by marriage. The pedophile’s father hated our guts cause we were financially stable, something very common in Latin America due to the fact that the difference between social classes seems more obvoius. Long story short, once I became 21 yrs old I left CR and moved back to New York. The pedophile/ the sociopath or whatever name we wish to call this creep latter went on to kill his brother. YES HE KILLED HIS OWN BROTHER WITH A GUN SHOT TO THE HEAD LIKE IN A WESTERN. This criminal’s dad was well conected politically hence, his child (the pedophile gone murderer) still walks free around CR; consequently, he was exempt from prison and still roams the Costa Rican streets molesting and sexually assaulting minors. ABSOLUTELY DISPICABLE. OH, let’s please add that we SHOULD NOT FORGET ABOUT DR. Oscar Arias Sanchez, the ex-president that won the price for Peace…remember I mentioned that? Well he has several sexual assaults accusations from an ex Miss Costa Rica, a Dr. in psychology that helps victims of sexual abuse, a very well liked reported by the name of Nono Antillon and also a US reporter who was shocked at Dr.Arias and his baffling behavior.

  11. I just came back from Costa Rica and I wanted to know how I could have died lol, and let me say I had no idea crocodiles could be in oceans.

  12. Just a fun fact I live in CR and have been all around the country and most likely in very dangerous adventures into deep deep sides of all places (jungle beach mountains) and I have never ever seen a snake I have seen from weird bugs to wild cats and cocodriles in the beach but never a 🐍

  13. Appreciate the heads up. But many of these dangers exist in the US as well. Need to be careful no matter where you are.

  14. About shower heads it’s extremely rare to die from one in Costa Rica, I don’t know of anyone who has died from one in Costa Rica but yeah don’t touch the shower head it will hurt and wear sandals lol

  15. Well there goes my dream of visiting Costa Rica…I have researched lots about this beautiful place, but now I refuse to visit …

  16. I used to live in Costa Rica 34 years ago . I’m so excited to visit next years . Know I’m thinking 🤔 after all this inf. But I will pray for our trip and our safety return home. Very interesting. When you learn about country’s , special animals and more you can be very worried. The most important part is always take precautions and enjoy. Thanks for hot springs water inf.

  17. After listening to this video I CANT WAIT TO VISIT! ( JUST KIDDING). I’m rethinking a Costa Rica vacay with my grandsons!

  18. I always wondered about things like this about places like Costa Rica, so much beauty and nobody talks about the “What if’s “. Thank you for the heads up so we can be better prepared when we come over to visit. Also, I can’t get over the bizarre shower head thing……..that is so crazy.
    A big subscription for me….again thanks and stay safe.👍🌸🌹🌺❤️

  19. I had chikungunya and it makes the covid quarantine look hilarious. It’s apparently not important enough when a disease only kills people from tropical zones

  20. The name of the Tarcoles River means Crocodile River, so you’re warned. Also, don’t feed the monkeys. The bad driving is the worst danger here, unfortunately. I’m Costa Rican and this is a very useful video. Travelers must be well informed.

  21. The electric shower photos were the most terrifying! I’ll take my chances with the yellow belly sea snakes and hot springs amoeba!

  22. I agree that here in Costa Rica we are like donkeys when it comes to driving. So many deaths, monthly speaking, just by car accidents. No street culture here.

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