12 Essential COSTA RICA TRAVEL Tips


Don’t travel to COSTA RICA without WATCHING THIS VIDEO! If you’re planning to visit Costa Rica, then this video is essential to help you plan the best vacation possible.

Join me, Alex The Vagabond, as I share with you the 12 ESSENTIAL Travel Tips for Costa Rica, which I’ve learned by visiting this beautiful Central American country seven times!

From the pristine beaches of the Pacific to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the awe-inspiring Volcano Arenal and its unforgettable jungle hot springs, Costa Rica is a GEM. If you love exotic wildlife, pristine nature, and friendly locals, then come experience the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

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I’m Alex, I’m a travel filmmaker, photographer, and TV host. On this channel, I’ll share some travel vlogs, practical inspirational videos from lessons I’ve learned in my life, and photography/ filmmaking tips to help you learn new skills and grow your creativity.

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  1. Great vid! We are traveling there this July (with my wife and 2 teenage sons). Did you link that travel packing list you mentioned in the video?

  2. great share Alex!next time you’re back, lets tour some little known waterfalls and cacao farms near met new place. We can show your followers the ‘food forest’ version of CR:)

  3. hi Alex! the packing list link is not longer working? could you send us the packing list again? I bet must be very useful 🙂

  4. Love the video! I’m planning a trip to CR but wanted to ask you about pricing as far as rental an food goes? Is it cheap there or more expensive?

  5. Currently in Costa Rica from the uk.
    It’s the most beautiful county I’ve ever traveled to and would recommend to any one who enjoys the wild life and nature.

  6. Hi there, if you were to move there full time, what region would you choose? I am thinking of moving out of the USA and would like to retire somewhere in Costa Rica so not a tourist but eventually a native. Thank you.

  7. Hey everyone!!! Hope you enjoy the video. If you have any questions just leave them in the comments and I’ll do my best to answer them. Pura Vida!

  8. Thank you! I’m a big fan of Carrie’s channel so I was so happy to see yours pop up as I research my trip to Costa Rica in two weeks. I cannot wait. Going to a yoga retreat in Guanacaste and SO excited. Only thing I’m debating is whether or not to bring my DSLR. You always worry something will happen, but I would love to get those incredible photos!

  9. I’m planning a trip in March- What region would you suggest to stay where’d we’d have a beautiful beach , but also access to activities, excursions, etc??

  10. I highly recommend not going to CR at this time (May 2022). There is a high number of tourists who test positive for Covid. CR has a quarantine period (7 days) and US wont let you fly back for 10 days. IF YOU STILL want to visit, make sure you get travel insurance that has a covid provision. Ty to avoid high tourist areas like Jaco, Limon, etc. As mush as I like staying in Hostels, don’t stay in a Hostel for the time being.

  11. Thank you Alexander, you broke things down so inclusively. I feel like I’m better informed now with the bullet point tips you provided. We are headed there at the end of the month staying in Manuel Antonio and then trying to decide where else to go, we’re a family of four adults and we’re gonna be there for five nights.

  12. Hola muchas gracias por toda la información de Costa Rica , yo soy tica pero vivo en Las Vegas y voy todos los años thank you for all the info, blessings pura vida

  13. You missed Santa Teresa as a fantastic surf destination. Believe me, it’s a hell of a good place to surf and a fun place to stay.

  14. Hello Alex, Do you have some tips for things to do out in Costa Rica with kids. We love the outdoors activities but I am looking for a fun out of the world experience on a budget. loves the hot springs, beaches, turtle watching, hiking, never done a backpacking trip and I will to experience.

  15. do you know about getting dogs in national parks in costa rica? we are travelling with our 2 dogs…

  16. Killed it brotha! Excellent video production, information and delivery! Hope we get to enjoy it just as harmoniously! Cheers.

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