12 Perfect Days In Costa Rica | Travel Guide & Itinerary

12 Perfect Days In Costa Rica | Travel Guide & Itinerary

12 Perfect Days In Costa Rica | Travel Guide & Itinerary

Don’t travel to COSTA RICA without WATCHING THIS VIDEO! If you’re planning to visit Costa Rica, then this video is essential to help you plan the best vacation possible. 12 Perfect Days In Costa Rica!

Join me, Alex The Vagabond, as I share with you my ESSENTIAL VACATION PLANNING ITINERARY FOR 12 PERFECT DAYS IN COSTA RICA, which I’ve learned by visiting this beautiful Central American country seven times!

From the pristine beaches of the Pacific to the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean to the awe-inspiring Volcano Arenal and its unforgettable jungle hot springs, Costa Rica is a GEM. If you love exotic wildlife, pristine nature, and friendly locals, then come experience the Pura Vida of Costa Rica.

12 Essential Travel Tips For Costa Rica: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uhe1X6OpoSo&t=545s


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  1. Great video mate. Would be nice if you had a map with the locations, since there’s a lot of places with same/similar names.

  2. Being a Costa Rican, I can say it is a very nice guide video you put out here, you are basically covering some of the most popular places tourists usually visit. including Arenal and Manuel Antonio.
    You did missed going to see volcanoes like Poas and Irazu, also missed the beautiful beaches in Guanacaste and in the Caribbean. I can see your vacation was more based on Sufing and relaxation, other people are more into adventure which they can also enjoy on Manuel Antonio or Arenal itself, Monteverde is also another nice area for that. Anyway, good video, I have made many videos from my country about all nice places you can visit so if you are interested stop by and check my playlists, I’m also planninig to do a travel guide with more complete information about the whole country, but that will take some time for sure :). Cheers!

  3. I am sorry you don’t like Jaco, it is a good mix of a real Tico town dedicated to the enjoyment of the visiting tourists. Hermosa is beautiful too but not much local experience.

  4. Just wanted to say this was the top video we used in planning our trip. We had a great time during our 5 weeks. Lots of videos to post now!

  5. Love the video, however it would really help if you spelled out all of these names and towns 🙂 I wanted to look them up but don´t know how to spell half of them 😅

  6. Great stuff, however vagabond is a sort of misnomer. Staying at resorts and renting pricey vehicles is just this side of having a private jet and deep pockets. 😁 That is not to diminish how beautiful and well done the video is.

  7. I don’t know how much they paid you to put this video together, but this is not an accurate reflection of Costa Rica at all. First of all you say to land in San Jose rent a car and head to the coast like it’s 10 minutes away lol it’s a 4 hour drive sir… If I drove 4 hours in Florida I can get from Tampa to Miami which is much nicer than anything in Costa Rica. If I drove 4 hours from LA to Vegas I can experience an entirely different world there too. This video literally takes the best scenes from the entire country, but most tourists will land in San Jose and only stay in one city when they visit and let’s face it San Jose is dirty and disgusting… So yes Costa Rica is a beautiful country, but this video is the highlight reel of it all. It doesn’t show what the city most ppl fly into is like

  8. Awesome video, thank you! Anyone got recomendations for rental car providers? What is a "normal" price for rental cars in Costa Rica?

  9. Question regarding travel. When I look at this I feel like I could stay in Hermosa and drive to Dominical for a day trip and go back to Hermosa for the evening. Thought about also driving to Monteverde for the day as well and going back to Hermosa for the evening. Do you feel like this is possible or is driving just too unpredictable with traffic? My boyfriend and I are planning a 20ish day trip and want to end in Puerto Viejo so, we do not want to stay too far south as it’s a lot harder to get to the Caribbean side once you get down there. Love to get your feedback!

  10. This is a great video to explain every little thing I needed to know in detail esp about renting the car, thank you so much for making this 💗

  11. Thanks for your video …
    I’m costarican living in United States..
    I have more appreciation now when I visit ❤️

  12. When driving how did you do navigation on your phone? Did you get a sim did you extend your phone plan to have data ?

  13. I’ve seen people try to make it as "locals" in CR since I was 6 years old when my own dad had this need to "escape" by jet setting each year to CR to surf. They eventually all make it home though, one way or another, my dad died in 2011 in Tamarindo and came home in the form of ashes inside one of those clay pots you see the vendors selling to tourists on the beach. Ironic and truly heartbreaking but I will leave you with this: Life is short, spend it with the ones you love, you don’t need to run away from your family to experience life. Experience it, but don’t leave your family waiting.

  14. Super helpful for mapping out key areas to visit throughout the country. I appreciate you mentioning areas you feel you could spend the entire trip if need be. Thank you!

  15. I really loved the blog, my wife and I got married in Dominical. We have been at all different places in Costa and domincal was our favorite. It’s a great small town with good waves. I surfed every day by myself. Also great restaurants and not a bunch of people. 👍🏻🏄‍♂️🤙

  16. I’m going to Tamarindo in February to learn to surf. I’ve been told Feb is the best time of the year. Any recommendations? Thank you

  17. Index

    4:00 Stop 1 San Jose – Groceries DAY 1
    Crocodile bridge
    2hr drive

    6:10 Stop 2 Playa Hermosa/Jaco DAY 2-3
    Black Sand beaches
    ATV Tour
    Jaco Walk Shopping Center
    8:00 Rainmaker Park
    Manuel Antonio Beach
    1.5hr drive

    9:10 Dominical DAY 4-5
    Hippy stuff (vegan food, yoga)
    Farmer’s market

    10:40 Oso Penninsula DAY 6-8
    11:20 Monta Palo beach
    11:55 Drake’s Bay

    13:38 Pavones DAY 9-11

    14:35 Arenal Hot Springs DAY 12-14
    15:30 La Fortuna + Tabacon hot springs

    Or something like that.

  18. I see you in a blue-tiled pool in Dominical but no mention of the hotel name. You say many to choose from, but curious which one this is?

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