15 Easy Home Automation Ideas ANYONE can set up!

15 Easy Home Automation Ideas ANYONE can set up!

Your home automation can be easy AND impressive! These ideas are easy enough to set up with just Amazon Alexa, or you can always use these same ideas with SmartThings or Home Assistant.

LINKS: (affiliate)
Kasa on/off switch for front porch lights: https://amzn.to/3xU4yhn
Amazon Echo 4th gen: https://amzn.to/3OFO2Ix
Echo Dot: https://amzn.to/3A9Iylz
Google Nest Battery Doorbell: https://bestbuy.7tiv.net/jWnEbv
BOND fan controller: https://amzn.to/3tY7Mze

15 Unique Alexa Routine Ideas: https://youtu.be/BJJMKsowQSg
12 Cool Alexa Routines: https://youtu.be/QuByECkIXZs

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Time based lights
3:15 Speaker volume
4:03 Geolocation
5:22 Doorbell ideas
7:19 Built in sensors
10:53 Hidden disaster


Doctor Momentum by Slynk

The End by EVA


  1. Seems UK doesn’t have the Occupancy Sensor. Or at least I can’t find it and a quick google other people in UK are asking the same thing 🙁 shame, was going to get it so if the light is on and no one is detected to turn off my lights. Once again we will just have to wait 3 years.

  2. Have you tried the aqara G3 camera? It has different automations you can trigger ! And I have mine set up so when it detects familiar faces it turns on my ac, my tv and my lights

  3. Hi, I am looking to set up a smart home

    This is what I would like to do.

    Create a intercom using an Ecobee w/Alexa built in which I have. Purchase a Echo 4 with or without the clock.(not sure if the clock is worth it based on reviews)

    Will this work or do you have a better suggestion? Any guidance is appreciated


  4. I am going to build my ADU and want to add all the cool stuff you have talked about. Do you have a list of the things that you recommend for automation?

  5. I also noticed a new Appliance sensor on Alexa that I have music come on between 11:50 am and 12:30 when Alexa hears the Microwave or stove timers go off

  6. Relying on critical automations via Alexa is asking for problems because when Alexa servers go down (recently twice a month) it’s over. In addition, problems with the Internet are possible.

  7. I made a great automations with a template sensor as trigger. when my alarm goes off in the morning, the alarm will automatically turn off, and my bedroom light will turn on, then my google speaker will start playing the radio, and my shutter will open to 100%.

  8. Great videos and ideas. But I need to state something for dog or cat owners.. The ultrasound detection may cause your pets distress or even harm your dogs ears.. Amazon forum was asked that question about pets and they stated it runs at 17.5 kHz. They did not say it will or wont hurt your pets hearing but did say if you don’t want to run it, then turn it off. So I asked my Vet and he stated it can drive your pet nuts hearing this all the time. Anything Ultrasound can do this- Ex. Furnace or room humidifiers and air cleaners, pest repellers, pain relief devices, etc. He stated dogs can hear up to 50 to 65,000 Hertz. Humans up to approximately 20,000 Hertz. There are so many gadgets that we use daily that just because we don’t hear it, doesn’t mean our pets cant. I turned my Echoes Ultrasound off for that reason. But great idea for non pet owners. Keep up the great ideas!!!

  9. 7:28 where in the automation can you find the temperature setting? For my 4th general echo dot the only settings I could find where if presence is/isn’t detected

  10. I have two Amazon Echo in Two different rooms and both the rooms have a Smart Fan. Is there a way that I can configure the Echo to trigger the fan through voice but only when the command is given to the echo in that specific room? If it doesn’t make sense let me explain a bit more. My 2 fans have different names right now, one is named “Fan” and the other “Ceiling Fan” and I have to pay attention to which one I am making the command to turn on or off. But I want it to be programmed in such a way that When I say Fan from whichever room, only the fan from that particular room turns on. I hope my question makes sense now. Please help!

  11. I have routines to control my outside lights. What I want to do is modify the routine so they will NOT come on at the scheduled time if it is above a certain temperature. I live in a rural area and when lights are on in the summer it attracts spiders and bugs leaving a mess around the fixtures. Leaving them off takes care of this.

  12. Now the bond bridge when it comes to remote control ceiling fan so IT uses R F The bond bridge can recognize any radio frequency remote controlled ceiling fan as long as it knows the compatible signal

  13. What’s your recommendation for tracking home occupancy for everyone in your house in home assistant? Do you use a toggle that switches if nobody is home? I’m seeing lots of different ideas online for using this in automations but curious what you use

  14. Thanks for sharing! It’s been a minute since I have gotten a notification about a video from your channel. Thanks for the ideas for using the temp sensor and occupancy sensor on the Echo cause I have wondered what I could even do with it.

  15. I just stole the almost home one. I had no clue you could do something like that. You’ve just re-sparked my interest in home automation.

  16. I was wondering if you had a video or article on Home Assistant and doing a basic home set up for automations? I’m just getting started on this journey as a new home owner and could really use the jump start!

  17. Hey thanks for the video and I plan to try smart lighting in my house too. Whats the robot vacuum you have ? It seemed like it had both vacuum and mop ?

  18. Hi: Great recap video! I’m curious about the magnetic holder stand shown on first iPad programming scene. Is it for Apple Pencil? Many thanks @Smart Home Solver

  19. Thank you for the great videos. The routine we use to trigger our vacuum is a “Good Bye” routine. We only run the vacuum when everyone is gone. To trigger this, we tell Alexa, “Good Bye.” This triggers all of our away settings and runs the vacuum. When we plan to leave, but not run the vacuum, we tell Alexa, “I’m Leaving.” This triggers all of our away settings except the vacuum.

  20. Great idea about setting up ALL automations in one place. Wish I learned this several years ago. I have automations spread throughout several apps. So somethings I do know where the automation is. I now have a plan to rewrite them all in Amazon Alexa Routines. I’m not ready yet for Home Assistant or Hubitat. Is SmartThings still being sold and supported?

  21. For your ceiling fan, is that controlled by a toggle switch (via zwave/zigbee/WiFi) and then you use the bond receiver to adjust the speed via RF? Do you find that better than a zwave fan switch controller?

  22. But I have a problem with the ultrasound motion sensor, when I enter the room nothing happend I have to speak to alexa or click any button to she know I’m in the room, can any one help me how can I solve it

  23. A question: is it possible to set the lights to light in Brite white in the morning, and to light them to light yellow in the evening? Like the lights to sense when i turn them on and based on time they light white or yellow? I tryed it with Hue Labs – Time Based lights, but they don’t seem to work (maybe it’s me) and i can’t find any videos about it on youtube.

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