15 Things You Didn't Know About Costa Rica

15 Things You Didn't Know About Costa Rica

15 Things You Didn’t Know About Costa Rica | Travel Tuesday
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
Where is Costa Rica?
How to get to Costa Rica?
How expensive is Costa Rica?
How safe is Costa Rica?
When to go to Costa Rica?
What can you do in Costa Rica?
What are the best resorts in Costa Rica?
Can you live in luxury in Costa Rica?
How rich is Costa Rica?
What are the best spots in Costa Rica?
How wild is Costa Rica?
Is Costa Ricas safe to travel?
Who is the richest person in Costa Rica?
How is it like in Costa Rica?

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  1. first fact was basically b.s lol…. i am from USA and lived in CR for about a year, grocers are NOT as expensive and niether are cocktails lol , maybe at the gringo bars

  2. I’m costarrican, this is 60% fake info…. do not pay attention to this…. what are your sources? Google? You should REALLY come and visit my country instead of posting fake info

  3. I’m watching this video with my husband whom is from Egypt (I’m from Costa Rica) and is outrageous all the wrong data that you’re trying to pass like facts! This is horrible. Delete this video or get your information correctly. Shame on you and your wrong “sources of information”.

  4. The "street signs" was almost an issue when I was in Costa Rica because when I was there, there wasn’t any. I had rented a car that broke down at 3:00 A.M. Luckily, I know how to speak fluent Spanish because I had to tell the rental car people where I was located. I had to tell them that I was on the street that had the mall, but on the other side of the expressway, at a corner where there was a hardware store. “ Me encuentro en la calle donde queda la plaza comercial, pero en el otro lado de la carretera, a la esquina donde hay una ferretería.” That Spanish came in handy because they found me in about a half an hour! LOL!

  5. 1: thats true
    2: thats false
    3: thats true
    4: thats true except in the capital
    5: that one… idk
    6: thats true
    7: thats so false, its more than that hahahah
    8: thats true
    9: thats half true
    10: idk if that its true
    11: thats true
    12: thats true but the education isn’t the best
    13: thats true, i didn’t know that was weird in the rest of the world
    14: thats true
    15: whaaaaat???? hahahahah mate who write this crap?? but actually people here drives like animals so it wasn’t that wrong.
    16: yeah of course….

  6. 1: CR is not Aztec (we have more Mayan influence)
    2: We are not a tax haven at all. Our taxes are crazy high
    3: We are called The Central American Switzerland because we are also beautiful, nothing to do with taxes.
    4: Children take both their parents last names, not just the father’s
    5: Unfortunately LGBT people here are very discriminized
    6: Prostitution is legal but not in brothels, it’s illegal if other people pimp them.
    7: The icecream facts is off because I would argue strange flavors depends on the business, not the entire country.
    8: We totally had street signs before 2012, where the did you get that information!?
    9: Ask a local next time before making crazy claims.

  7. Half of the facts in this video are rubbish! Totally misleading. It really appalls me to think that there are people out there taking in these ‘facts’ as gospel…

  8. I must visit Costa Rica next year the only kind of a challenge is I will be with my mother yet I would like to have some "mature fun" around.

  9. I I’m seen in forest costar
    American people who wan
    T her se*y shirt are you is related
    Drunk road ripping dxx *laugh*

  10. We are in America

    Not between centroamérica and south america,

    America: continent.

    South america: Brazil, Colombia, Argentina etc

    North America: Canada, United States, and Mexico.

    Centroamérica: Costa Rica, Panama, Gautemala, etc

    Caribean countries: cuba, Jamaica, Rep. Dominicana, etc

    Your country: United States of America, not America

  11. Really false video, I’m from Costa Rica and they affirm facts that actually don’t. Signs until 2012? oh c’mon

  12. What do you mean by "it sits in the middle of central and latin america"?
    Pretty sure Central America is part of Latin America.
    That’s like saying the USA meets between Canada and North America lol

  13. Where all you people get this data, most of them are not true. I’m tico, living here, and i have my doubts that you people really came to the country in order to make this fake video. C’mon, if you are going to make a video, ask people that have been here, living here, or do a research of trusty sources. This is a shame of video.

  14. Dear Alux, Im wondering where you got this info but 4 outta 5 facts are not true, very misleading info you spreading here.

  15. You keep losing cause you keep seeing opportunities and letting it pass you by, I bring to you an amazing platform where you earn massive without stress.

  16. What you say the so called "fortune" of the President is not true at all. That’s a lie. You should be more careful about the data you publish

  17. How can Alux with over 3 mill subs can so poorly research and make a video in this day and age!!! How put together this really bad material. Funny in many ways tho.

  18. WTF. This is bogus. Most of this is untrue. The president is sooo not rich. He’s been a public worker all of his career. Where are you getting this information? Whoever did this video clearly slacked and has never been to CR.

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