(2021) The Silverline Modular Building System

(2021) The Silverline Modular Building System

Rethink Modular with the Silverline Building System.

See the Silverline Building System grow in this video from a single unit up to unlimited square footage. The open floor plan can be configured for classrooms, offices, health clinics, and more. Silverline Buildings can be purchased or leased.

Learn more at https://hubs.ly/H0KTBDf0.

Silverline Modular Buildings can be used as a temporary solution, set lightly to the foundation, which gives you the flexibility to relocate the space at a later date. However, if you choose Silverline as a permanent solution, we can set it permanently on its foundation, too.

Near infinite configuration options from single wide to multiplex
Improved air quality/ventilation, thermal, noise & moisture control
Excellent lighting
Coded for business & educational use

Custom build-outs available (restrooms, offices, and more)

12×60 ft
720 sq ft

Learn more at https://hubs.ly/H0KTBDf0.

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