3 reasons NOT to move to Costa Rica

3 reasons NOT to move to Costa Rica


Building a House in Costa Rica – 90 Day Challenge – Is it Possible?

Allen from “Living in Costa Rica” is embarking on a new Reality YouTube Series called,
Building a House in Costa Rica in 90 Days or Less!

Is it possible to actually build a house in Costa Rica in that short a time?


Well, we are about to find out on this reality TV show…right here on the “Living in Costa Rica” Channel.

As I build this house, no doubt, we will run into problems, obstacles, and many other problems!..but my goal is to find the best solution to every problem so we can avoid losing money and save as much time as possible…THIS WAY… when YOU are ready to Build YOUR house in Costa Rica…

You’ll have learned from my mistakes!

This Reality Show show will last at least 90 days…but if we have too many problems building a house in Costa Rica…who KNOWS how long this could last.

You will learn so much about building your new home in Costa Rica and Living in Costa Rica from this new series.

You will want to be as engaging as possible because as you put your comments and question for each video, I’ll learn from you! What do you want to know…what is your most pressing question.

We’ll have a lot of fun and we’ll learn a lot!

Thanks for watching this video: Building a House in Costa Rica – 90 Day Challenge – Is it Possible?

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You are blessed!
Allen Richa’rd

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  1. They have what’s called a 15 day home. It’s built in 15 days. It’s not impossible depends on quality. Supplies readily available and connection on paperwork for utilities. Also depends on when you build. Weather will play a part. Construction crew or workers, they can do it fast but chances are they cut corners. Anything can get built for any price. So a 90 day house build has variables. Possible 100%

  2. Sounds like a real challenge, Allen. Are your planning a Typical Tico house or something more in line with something more likely to appeal to the US or Canada buyer? All the systems are more of a challenge as you add in the "Americanized " features. I assume you intend to be the onsite superintendent, will be like herding cats!! As they say, Ve Con Dios Allen

  3. I can’t wait to win the vacation to see first hand the paradise everyone talks about! Thanks 🌄🌅🏝🏖🌊

  4. I think you can do it, with your work ethic no doubt. As they use to say balls to the walls. What size house is it? Who is it for ?

  5. Hi Allen what happened to the tiny home on the mountain? Pls
    Point us to that video! Good luck to you both on this new house. i guess i missed something!

  6. Allen you def have to have connections. I know a man from Costa Rica but he lived and studied architecture. So he came bach and builds houses with the quality of houses in hurricane ally or houses in the mountains.


  8. Of course you can. I have family through marriage who are Ticos and they say it’s 100% possible to build a house in 90 days. P.S. From one Marine vet to another you are insane in the membrane! SEMPER FI….

  9. If you can do this in 90 days then that’s going to make my plans of moving to Costa Rica a whole lot more of a sure thing.

  10. Love to see new videos from you guys Allen and Rebecca on living in Costa Rica! What is easier or harder to build in the mountains or on the beach?

  11. It would be hard to build a house in US in 90 days. It depends what kind of house you want to build,or how big? You need a lot of Ticos that know what mana means. Good luck!

  12. Glad to see you’re at it again! I have my doubts about building the house in 90 days. I’m rooting for you but I’m sure you will ru into many pitfalls Apple Juice or NOT!

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