3 Reasons Why I Live in Costa Rica's Southern Zone – Costa Rica Expat Mom

3 Reasons Why I Live in Costa Rica's Southern Zone – Costa Rica Expat Mom

Happy New Year!

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1 year Living in Costa Rica with Kids UPDATE!

What was our first year like living in Costa Rica with 3 young kiddos?
We share the challenges and also the positive lifestyle changes.


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  1. Happy anniversary!! 💜 That dress is beautiful and very flattering on you Lauren! Love seeing how big the boys are getting, such cuties.

  2. I love this! We are planning our first trip to Costa Rica with the hopes of moving
    I have 6 kids and in Texas ☺️
    Thank you for your channel I will be following it!!

  3. I believe I missed your early videos wherein you describe what you do for a living, so to speak. We’re expats in the Central Valley, retired, with guaranteed monthly incomes. Maybe a video on how you finance your life here would be helpful to others.

  4. I love how positive y’all always are! We will be moving to Costa Rica from the Florida panhandle as soon as my husband retires. We both wish we had been brave enough to do it when our family was young. Congratulations on the Anniversary and the new home!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your experience. Family of 5 here as well looking to make the move. Was wondering if you can touch on schooling and work. We homeschool now where we are, is it possible to do that there? Do schools require kids to be vaccinated to attend? Thanks in advance!

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