3 Things you MUST Try in Costa Rica

3 Things you MUST Try in Costa Rica

Siya’s parents are visiting us in Costa Rica, and it’s their first time here. So, we want to make it extra awesome. That’s why we used Viator to book three of the best tours you can do in Costa Rica. From ATVing and Zip-Lining in Jaco with Siya’s dad to surprising Siya’s mom with a parasailing adventure in Manuel Antonio, we had so much fun doing these MUST DO activities in Costa Rica.

A special thanks to Viator for sponsoring this video. Be sure to check out the Viator app or Viator.com when planning your next trip. To book the same tours we did, you can click on the links below and use our code Hopscotch15 to get 15% off each tour.

→ Zip Line + 3hr ATV & Waterfalls Combo Tour – https://bit.ly/ZiplineATVJaco
→ Beach Parasailing with Aguas Azules – https://bit.ly/ParasailingManuelAntonio

If you’re using your phone, be sure to download the Viator app by clicking here:
Android – https://bit.ly/ViatorAndroid
iPhone – https://apple.co/3x3javv

→ Shop Our Airstream:

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  1. Hello Kristen and siya miss you guys so much and specially miss your cute little baby girl i thought she is with you with your Costa Rica tour luv your vlog specially luv when krishen stuck with ARV and whole mud cover on his body that was funny luv you guys lots of luv from India 😘😘😘😘

  2. Awesome video guys! Totally agree Costa Rica has the best activities! So glad you guys are going to be our next door neighbours!, if you ever in Nosara let us know and awe will take you surfing 🙂

  3. Kristen your older videos had so much sauce. My partner and I have been watching you for years and your newer content is lacking to be honest. We miss the old you. your husband has taken over your channel and he doesn’t have any charisma. 🙁

  4. Awuh Siya’s mom was so sweet. Such a champ for following along. You all need to stop or I’ll be packing my bags soon and meeting you down there 😆

  5. Siyas mom is such a good sport! My friends and I were just talking about doing ziplining and it look so much fun! I never knew it was possible to do it upside down! Did you get a head rush from that?

  6. You guys are amazing, don’t you ever stop enjoying this process and the people you’re bringing along. We’re all rooting for you! ❤❤❤

  7. I really enjoyed watching this video. It was so refreshing to see you having quality time with your family in a not "conventional" way. You guys did a great job transmitting the excitement of the experiences.

  8. Okay but I love your Mom’s dark makeup and hair, so beautiful, and her cute swimsuit. 😍 Aww poor baby got scared haha. That looked so fun, putting it on my list. 👍

  9. Did you actually do this on the 1st of June??!? If so I probably watched you from the beach 😂 Kai getting upset was very sweet 😂

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