48 Hours in Jaco – 10 Things To Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

48 Hours in Jaco – 10 Things To Do in Jaco, Costa Rica

Mamá Sue and I set off For Jacó to spend 48 hours exploring, and find 10 of the best things to do in Jacó, Costa Rica!
In this video, we didn’t include any tours or activities that come along with expensive bills – but let us know in the comments what we may have missed, so we can go check it out the next time!


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  1. im going next month, was the nightlife really that bad?! does it really die out at 9 or were you able to see somethings still going on? fyi great vids!

  2. Just got back from Jaco this evening,…..the Brewery was HORRIBLE. 5 of us ordered the 3 beer flight and 3 of us didn’t drink them accept the sip that we took. Not trying to be mean, but those beers were the worse beers I’ve ever tasted. It was shocking they were so bad. The two that did drink theirs only did so because they didn’t wanna waste their money.

  3. Video very nicely done. In Jaco, had you come across a young lady travel assistant named, Sarah Elaina? I’m planning to visit Costa Rica in late ‘22 and was looking for references.

  4. Ladies , seriously, why are you wearing those fucking masks???? Nobody forces you, and if they do, go next door. It is the only way we will get out of this fraud

  5. Hace 2 días me encontré con tu canal y me ha gustado muchísimo. Ya me suscribí y disfruto mucho tus vídeos !
    Saludos Cordiales desde Heredia ..

  6. Well put together video! Definitely love that shot of the beautiful viewpoint! It kind of reminds me of San Jose but maybe a safer variant since there’s a downtown area especially with the bars and club life just like San Jose? I’m not entirely sure if that’s right but correct me if I am wrong haha!

    I used to think that Costa Rica is in the dry season now but it’s interesting to see that it’s rainy season at the time 🙂 Really awesome stuff. Especially with Mama Sue in your videos, the content just got better haha! 🙂 Love your videos Emma. Much love from Utah, USA

  7. Hi Emma! Thank you for your review. My husband and I changed our plans and ended up spending 48 hours in Jaco as well before heading to Manuel Antonio. Because of your video we stayed at same hotel, and it is great 👍! Thanks for all the helpful info. Leaving today to head to MA which we’ve been before and love! 😀

  8. Hi Emma I just loved this second video of your trips to Jaco. As you know I just love Jaco too and always stay there when I visit Costa Rica. I`ve never stayed at the Hotel Club del Mar but have gone there for drinks especially after hiking Miro Mountain. Where is Puddle Fish now located ? It use to be in Jaco Walk but I know it`s been relocated ? If I go back to CR next Winter I definitely want to go to Puddle Fish for a micro brew or three 😂 Cheers Emma and Mama Sue 🍺🍻🍺🍹Are your spots clearing up since you have ben on the wagon ?

  9. Lindo ver jaco muy fresco y verde 🌴🌞🌴 ……Club Del Mar 👍 and both of you looking pretty ; mama Sue in the swing 👌. 😁

  10. I got a hostel near There one time and it was pretty cool they had paintings in spray paint drawings of octopus some fish and all sorts of cool stuff

  11. Hi Emma!
    Thanks for reminding – went there with Lindsay many times.
    Most the places you visit in Jaco we have been too.********thanks! Nice video.
    KH. Video, Canada

  12. Hi there i watch all ur videos and hope one day i can show u around my town can i add you to my facebook or other social media.. keep doing what you are doing ..you are amazing n cute tho 😉🦥

  13. Muy entretenido como siempre son tus videos.
    No tienes idea de las fiestas que se hacían en Jacó hace un par de años cuando no había coronavirus, era espectacular, espero que algún día lo puedas disfrutar cuando la "pandemia" haya pasado.

  14. Used to hang out a lot with my friends in Jacó, that was our go to trip for the year’s end, definitely an amazing expericence for sure.

  15. Thanks for the video! What airport do you fly into to get there? I’m coming from California and was planning on using Southwest Airlines. It looks like the closest airport (SJO) they fly to is 1.5hrs away. Is it best to rent a car from SJO? Thanks

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