1. Camand hooks won’t stay very long when placing and removing measuring cups over and over (or anything) And they will not stay when not touched more than a year.

  2. Anyone else feels disconnected by these hacks? I don’t use paper towel or baking paper or foil or things like that.

  3. The plate thing takes up way more room than just stacking the plates do. The towel holder is now secured right under a cabinet making it impossible to remove the empty roll and add a new roll, so you are wasting command strips. Yes these are “helpful” hacks, but they will cost you money you don’t need to spend. Why not just get a paper towel holder that secures to the bottom or outside of the upper cabinets?

  4. I love command strips but the problem with doing this is that you’re never getting these items off. If the piece you’re supposed to pull to remove it is covered, you’re going to have to pry something under there to get it off, likely wrecking the surface. If it’s your own house, you might not care. But I put a white board on my rental front door and trying to get it off with a spatula and goo gone was a nightmare.

  5. For the paper towels you might want to try anti skid instead of 3M so you can actually move it easily when needed. If that doesn’t work try those thin velcro stick pads instead this will allow you to still move it easily and if you ever decide to change the location it won’t be hard to access underneath the roll like with the command strips. Although from my experience the nice heavy holders don’t move around but the cheaper or lighter weight ones are a pain and a half.😁 Great ideas…thanks for sharing!

  6. Excellent organizational tips 👏. Thanks for sharing and we will see you on the next one 😀. Following channel for more amazing tips.

  7. I use the magazine holder for foil and such because nothing else would work in my cupboard (none of the ones designed for it) and it occurred to me that would.

  8. Where’d you get those white cereal bowls? We bought some at Habitat in the UK years ago but our teen keeps chipping them and we can’t find them anymore for replacements.

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