5 of the Best Things to Do in COSTA RICA

5 of the Best Things to Do in COSTA RICA

#TravelWell in Costa Rica! Here are 5 of our favourite things to do in Costa Rica. From the very best spots to wildlife to heart-pumping adventure activities and more! Have you ever thought about visiting Costa Rica? Got any great spots to recommend others? Leave a note in the comments below.

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San Jose & Tortuguero https://youtu.be/eWoz8o_Y9o8
Rio Celeste & La Fortuna https://youtu.be/QN2fBLZHBeI
Monteverde & Manuel Antonio https://youtu.be/5OJnaYe962Yd

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  1. Wow I just really want to say thankyou for all the information you guys provide. Its helped with so many of my trips

  2. great videos but would be great for you to say where you actually were !! as would love to visit these amazing places

  3. National Parks and boat rides are my favourites while traveling, as it seems that Costa Rica is heaven for nature-lovers, I’ll put this one on my bucket list. Can’t wait to travel again🥺. What’s the name of the trip you booked at Intrepid?

  4. Have you ever visited Indonesia? If you have a travel diary from Indonesia, please share the link.
    BTW It always feels good watching your video…😊

  5. Astonishing beautiful..nice shots! The hot springs tho !! Wawww. I wish I had watched this last summer before booking … I had a choice between Puerto Rico 🇵🇷 and Costa Rica , I ended up picking Puerto Rico ! Why? Cuz: I had a pin up calendar in my dorm room years ago while in college with some beautiful pictures of flamenco beach and I always wanted to visit old San Juan too. But lookalike Costa Rica is more adventurous.. and more eco friendly.. ps: Hope next time! If there will be? won’t be skeptical about my choices.. thanks again for sharing…

  6. Thanks for the tip regarding sloths! My sister sooo wants to see them. I may have to explore Costa Rica again soon!

  7. Do you mind if I ask what camera equipment you brought/would recommend? We’re visiting CR in June and I’d love to bring our Fuji Xt2, probably with a couple lenses, but I’m concerned it will be more of a hassle to carry around through the more adventurous activities and difficult to take care with the rainy season humidity and weather.

  8. Hi There, thank you for the video and all the helpful information. What city or cities would you recommend to visit ? I am looking to see the volcano, the beaches and forests.

  9. Did you book your tour to Manuel Antonio National Park prior to going or did you just go to park and buy it there?

  10. My girlfriend and I are planning a trip to Costa Rica around late November. Your videos have been incredibly helpful. Thank u so much!!

  11. Great Tips…. We’re heading to Costa Rica next year for hubby Birthday…Now I have a list of things we can experiences …..

  12. Great video. I will be in Costa Rica in April for eight days. My tentative plan is to visit la fortuna and Manuel Antonio. I’d like some suggestions on an eight-day visit, as so I can see the most in the time I have there. Suggestions of a different itinerary?

  13. That boat ride and water rafting thing looked so fun! That waterfall was also massive! Loved the shots of this vid guys 😊

  14. As a Costa Rican I really appreciate how in this video, a lovely couple shared with us (including locals) so many things to enjoy around here.
    Not even myself would have done it in this exiting and entertaining way!!
    Well done and thanks for the great work job together!

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