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Costa Rica City Life – San Isidro Perez Zeledon Vs Life in the Mountains

In this video we go over Costa Rica City Life – San Isidro Perez Zeledon Vs Life in the Mountains. For more City Life in Costa Rica content be sure to subscribe to the channel. Thanks for watching this video about: Costa Rica City Life – San Isidro Perez Zeledon

More about this video:

As you may already know, Rebecca and I enjoy living in the mountains of Costa Rica. But at the moment, we are living in the city or I should say, the suburbs of San Isidro. I can tell you, city living in Costa Rica is NOT for us!

But, you might be a city slicker and maybe you enjoy the nightlife, the action and maybe the street noise, barking dogs and all that goes with Costa Rica City Life doesn’t bother you.

Well, then this video is for you!

Today, I’ll take you on a walk through the suburbs of Costa Rica City Living and you’ll get to experience what it feels like, sounds like, and looks like “Living in the City of Costa Rica”

Costa Rica City Life is NOT for us…but hopefully if you enjoy the city life, maybe this video will be a good look at what’s it’s like to live in the city.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. Once again this is a must see video if you are considering living in Costa Rica. Thanks for avoiding me future frustrations and disappointment. Quiet is important to me too.

  2. Let us know…what do you think about living in the City of Costa Rica. Would you prefer to live in the city or in the beautiful remote areas of Costa Rica?

  3. Heya matey thanks for doing this. I lived a Dances With Wolves story in a pueblo at about 700m in the mountains overlooking Costa Ballena. The first year was in a tent and it became my story. I went on to build a house with the local campesinos, even at one point I had to work in the coffee field with them for three months straight just to survive. Now I’m in San Carlos and have terminated as papi of that site. However currently there is an offer for a work trade in Perez, although a different part from where I used to be. After living in different parts of the country after my Perez experience (4 years in total) The way I describe the dynamic between the two groups is that we have a spiritual lesson in Right Brain vs. Left Brain to integrate but that for day to day life, good fences make good neighbors when dealing with the cognitive dissonance that I perceive Perez and La Osa to be. If somebody is reading this who is contemplating a move, the Southern Zone is staggering in its beauty. If you peel back the surface layer experience harvested from a visit, be ready for a stark contrast. For those who don’t own something within the city-ish San Isidro parts, quality of life looks like it will go downhill. If you shine in a rural paradigm, this will be a haven for you. I have pages of gushing compliments and constructive criticism about the people in the South. Many a time I have described the Southern Zone as the most intense series of paradoxical truths one can find.

  4. The dog security system will run me craisy;you probabaly cant wait to go too back to the mountain.Yes look like they live in jail and in Sanjose and other places is worse and Pedregar dont look bad at all

  5. I just spotted our Airbnb for our upcoming trip – it’s across the street from where you were staying, with the hedges, at 23:30. 😀

  6. I can’t stand the deep cliff-like ditches there like that, scary in the dark as you could seriously damage your vehicle 🚗 , especially on the very narrow streets!!

  7. I really like these video-walks around in the streets and so on. This gives you a perfect idea and the feeling of being really THERE!

  8. Chicken and liquor around the corner oh yeah ….lol I see the yellow sings where say neighborhood Watch Warning !! that’s a bad feeling there . Definitely is a dogs town and really noise one. I’m a Costa Rican dude living in US for 21 years now at WV. I prefer to have 2 or 3 cameras for $100 than have that bunch a dogs should be more expensive, don’t take me wrong I love dogs . What I try to do isn’t go too cheap renting sometimes cheap is expensive. You know what I mean? Thank you very much i really enjoy yours videos that update me about CR.

  9. I love dogs. Barking wouldn’t bother me. But what would happen if your dog bit someone. Do they sue you or put your dog down like they do in the U.S.?

  10. We love san isidro , But we have also fallin in love with the O.S.A. One thing i have noticed about the suburbs of San isidro is that they all vary immensely. Some areas are beautiful with a lot less traffic and yappin dogs . Where as others are the complete opposite.
    .We just spent the weekend in la cima WAY WAY WAY UP IN THE MOUNTAINS, rented a beautiful rustic cabin up in the mountains for only $35 a night with everything you needed. Was beautiful.
    How is Rebecca? last week you mentioned she got a nasty bite and had a very sore leg? Hope she is feeling is better & we must get together for a coffee 😉

  11. Thanks for another informative video. I’m curious— are these “typical” Tico homes? Given what I hear is the low income there, I’m wondering how people afford these nice looking homes with nice vehicles as well!

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