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Welcome to Buy Costa Rica LLC – your one-stop destination for everything related to Costa Rica.

Welcome to Buy Costa Rica LLC

Welcome to Buy Costa Rica LLC - your one-stop destination for everything related to Costa Rica. Our mission is to provide you with carefully curated reviews and insights about life in this tropical paradise, from the perspective of people just like you​​.

Whether you're dreaming of sticking your toes in the sand and letting the surf wash your worries away, filling your days with fishing, surfing, or scuba diving amid vividly colored tropical fish, or planning to settle in a charming mountain town where hummingbirds visit your garden every day, we're here to guide you​​. We know that Costa Rica has been among the world's premier retirement destinations for decades, with established and welcoming expat communities all across the country. That's why retiring in Costa Rica is becoming more and more popular, and we're here to help you navigate this process​​.

Are you considering buying property in Costa Rica? We provide resources to help you find the most affordable options and avoid paying too much for your piece of paradise​​.

Costa Rica is known for its high-quality healthcare. Medical treatment costs between 50% to 70% less here, making it considerably cheaper. This, along with the fact that private medical care in Costa Rica is very good, makes it an ideal emigration spot from the U.S. with first-world amenities like healthcare, modern shopping centers, and high-speed internet​​.

Join us on this journey and discover why Costa Rica might just be the perfect place for you. We're excited to help you learn more about life in Costa Rica.

Glenis Graham - Managing Director

Glenis Graham is the managing director of Buy Costa Rica LLC. With over 20 years of experience in real estate and travel industries, Glenis has a deep understanding of the market dynamics and trends in Costa Rica. His passion for the country and its culture is infectious, making him the perfect leader for our team. When he's not guiding the company towards its mission, John loves to explore the hidden beaches of Costa Rica and try his hand at fishing.

Alajuelita Costa Rica

Ileana Solis Marenco
Ileana Solis Marenco - Operations Manager

Ileana Solis Marenco, a proud Costa Rican national, is our operations manager and the backbone of our organization. Raised in the lush landscapes of Costa Rica, Ileana's local knowledge and understanding of the Costa Rican lifestyle are invaluable to our team. She ensures the smooth running of all our operations and is dedicated to providing the best services to our clients. Ileana's expertise in customer service and logistics, combined with her innate understanding of Costa Rica, has been instrumental in building strong relationships with our clients and partners. In her free time, Ileana loves to hike through her homeland's stunning rainforests and share her rich cultural heritage with our international team members.

Virneldia Graham
Virneldia Graham - Marketing Manager

Virneldia E. Graham is our marketing manager. She's the creative mind behind our campaigns and is responsible for spreading the word about Buy Costa Rica LLC. Virneldia has a knack for understanding our clients' needs and translating them into compelling marketing strategies. Her innovative ideas have played a crucial role in our growth and success. Outside of work, Virneldia enjoys surfing on the Costa Rican waves and exploring local cuisine. Her passion for Costa Rica and dedication to showcasing its beauty to the world drive her every day in her role at Buy Costa Rica LLC.

Buy Costa Rica LLC

Visiting or living in Costa Rica is defiantly a great exspriance.

Buy Costa Rica LLC

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