All 17 LEGO Modular Buildings Ranked (2007-2022) Including Boutique Hotel!

All 17 LEGO Modular Buildings Ranked (2007-2022) Including Boutique Hotel!

The new LEGO 2022 Modular Building, Boutique Hotel, was revealed last week. I decided to rank all 17 Modular buildings from 2007 to 2022. Tell me what you think of my rankings in the comments and make sure to like, share, and subscribe! Thanks!

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  1. In my opinion, the Pet Shop is my least favorite. Because half of it is a townhouse. I know it can be detached but I think the main point of modular buildings is to make the main street of a town or city. The bookshop also suffers from this problem but it is more detailed. But that’s just my opinion.

  2. bro the brickbank is at least top 3 in my opinion, its just perfect, I mean you placed the corner garage on 9 and its even smaller

  3. I’m satisfied with your list of modular buildings, I however would have put the palace cinema and brick bank much higher on the list.
    Though it has been my top favorite, I’m happy to see the Parisian restaurant overthrown by the latest boutique hotel set. This goes to show that Lego really outdid themselves.

  4. I totally agree with your list and for me the interior is as much important as the facade. Just would like to know why you did not consider the Detective’s Office in your top 5?🧐

  5. I am kinda disagree with your list upon my personal opinion. My top three are Paris restaurant, Green Grocer and Fire Brigade

  6. This is a well made video in terms of editing and info about each set aside from a few mistakes here and there but I have to disagree with about 90% of your list. The main shocks for me were how low you ranked the Brick Bank, and also how high you ranked the Bookshop. As someone who owns every single modular except for Market Street, id say I’m able to compile a pretty fair and for the most part unbiased list. I give a lot more credit to the exterior of the modular’s due to the fact that they are display pieces and feel that the interior is less important but still an area which needs accounting for, therefore I would rank some of the older modular’s higher due to their exceptionally realistic and well detailed exteriors which I feel allows some room for forgiveness with regards to their interiors. On the other hand there are some newer modular’s which leave much to be desired on the exterior and don’t seem to come together very well on the interior either.

    So with all that said I give you my list:

    17th – Market Street (Don’t think this needs any explanation)
    16th – Bookshop (One of the worst looking exteriors both in terms of details and colour scheme, cramped interior that isn’t functional, quite a small set compared to others and looks out of place both in terms of colour scheme and size)
    15th – Cafe Corner (Better exterior than the previous two sets but doesn’t really stand out above any others, and lacks an interior)
    14th – Grand Emporium (Exterior slightly better than Cafe Corner, also has an interior but leaves a lot to be desired as there isn’t much of it)
    13th – Palace Cinema (An ok exterior with a few nice details, interior is a let down, the limo could have been built so much better but has extremely weird proportions that make it look really strange)
    12th – Town Hall (Not the best exterior, quite boring and lacks creativity but is still quite good, the interior is also good with an element of playability and its worth mentioning it is a large set)
    11th – Petshop (Good exterior with some nice details and looks quite realistic, interior is more functional than the bookshops townhouse, however it could have been furnished better)
    10th – Corner Garage (Similar story to the Town Hall, I feel its exterior is good but lacks creativity, however its interior is better with more details and the tow truck is well built)
    9th – Downtown Diner (Controversial exterior and can look out of place but judging this by itself I think it is really well done with a unique look and great details. Its also quite satisfying to build and see come together. Its interior is really good too with lots of details and the 60’s sedan is a great addition which is really well built)
    8th – Boutique Hotel (Really nice colour scheme, shape of exterior is unique, however the art studio I feel is a waste of space which could have been utilised better and incorporated into the main building. That particular part of the exterior just left me wanting more, which can also be said for the interior. I feel the set could have done with a 2nd middle floor which would have allowed the interior to be laid out better)
    7th – Green Grocer (Well built exterior, realistic and has a great colour scheme with nice details that more than make up for the lack of interior, however having said that the store is well furnished)
    6th – Assembly Square (Overall solid set with great interior design throughout, is also the biggest set to date with a great exterior but it doesn’t quite capture my attention like the top 5)
    5th – Fire Brigade (One of the most realistic exteriors of any modular with a great colour scheme, has a great interior with lots of details, fire truck is well built too, this set deserves a lot of credit considering the quality of the other modular’s released around its time)
    4th – Parisian Restaurant (The modular that set the standard for the future, amazing details inside and out with a great colour scheme and playability, struggled to pick a winner between the top 4, only reason this is 4th is because I feel it could have been a little bigger and the others have a great storyline behind them)
    3rd – Brick Bank (This was the first modular building that caught my attention and was the reason I started collecting them so my decision here may be slightly biased but I feel it is well justified, the realism and colour scheme of the exterior is amazing, it looks quite modern because of the colour scheme and it has so many great details, the interior while only having two floors does everything it needs to, it is well furnished and has a nice feel to it, and lastly the playability and storyline of the set is a standout feature which for me just tips it into 3rd place)
    2nd – Police Station (Amazing exterior again which I feel has a great colour scheme, despite the purple of the donut shop it is downplayed really well by the floorplan which uniquely creates two smaller buildings at either side of one large building. This means the colour of the donut shop isn’t shoved in your face because it is so small and it fits so well. It also has amazing details and build techniques throughout, some of which allow for increased playability which combined with a great storyline means this is an overall solid set)
    1st – Detectives Office (I think this is a personal favourite for many, a great colour scheme which is fitting for a barbers shop, mixed with another unique floorplan design giving an exterior that is so satisfying to build and look at from all angles. Its packed with amazing details inside and out, there isn’t much to choose from between the top 2, or the top 4. Its just a matter of having to pick an order and being extremely picky about the trivial aspects of the overall sets)

  7. i think your ranking isn’t bad at all, i would def move some things but it’s not too bad. i agree with a lot of your points

    i will say i think you should def should be weighing the exterior more than the interior, i think the grocer is really high up there because of it’s really unique color scheme. I think the diner may be fun on the inside but does not work in a city, at least for me. i woulda swapped grocer and diner, and swapped the police station with the town hall. town hall is such a nice set especially on the exterior it’s one of my favorite additions to my city and it’s one of the cleanest looking modular’s. There’s a reason it has the highest increase in value by % each year 😉

  8. 1- Downtown Diner
    2- Palace Cinema
    3- Parisian Resturant
    4- Brick Bank
    5- Grand Emporium
    6- Detectives Office
    7- Assembly Square
    8- Fire Brigade
    9- Boutique Hotel
    10- Police Station
    11- Town Hall
    12- Corner Garage
    13- Bookshop
    14- Cafe Corner
    15- Green Grocer
    16- Pet Shop

  9. I agree on the winner, but my number 2 is pet shop. Because it’s so realistic on the outside. I am not a fan of the bright colors of the diner or the bulky white and turqoise of the residence next to the bookshop. But in all fairness, all these buildings are amazing in their own way.

  10. Lego Modular Buildings (2007 – )
    2007: Cafe Corner $139.99
    2007: Market Street $89.99
    2008: Green Grocer $159.99
    2009: Fire Brigade $149.99
    2010: Grand Emporium $149.99
    2011: Pet Shop $149.99
    2012: Town Hall $199.99
    2013: Palace Cinema $149.99
    2014: Parisian Restaurant $159.99
    2015: Detectives Office $159.99
    2016: Brick Bank $169.99
    2017: Assembly Square $279.99
    2018: Downtown Diner $169.99
    2019: Corner Garage $199.99
    2020: Bookshop $179.99
    2021: Police Station $199.99
    2022: Boutique Hotel $199.99

  11. This is the first ranking I’ve seen that doesn’t give a sh*t about value of sets. I think that most "TOP" lists have high ranks for old modulars mainly because of their outrageous current price, but in reality their detail is at most medicore. My main difference is the Brick Bank. I love this set, it’s fun story and details. The one I don’t like that much is the Palace Cinema. This was my very first modular and I like it’s exterior, but interior is very disappointing. I have somehow similar feelings to the first floor of latest modular – but I might change my mind later as I don’t have it yet.

  12. Nice video and I agree with the list for the most part
    But isn’t the Daily Bugle set also considered a Modular building? So why wasn’t it a part of this list?

  13. Idon’t disagree with your first and last pices, but the list seems biased towards the newer sets. I would have put Green Grocer much higher on the list. At the end of the day, these are display pieces. A nice interior is good, but almost no one looks inside once they are built and on display. Town Hall is very plain and boring, and I would have put it much lower. Detective office higher.

  14. I think one of my favourite Lego buildings wasn’t even a modular. It’s the old Fishing Store. I love that thing. The detail, the unique style, interesting design and use of pieces. It’s one of the first buildings anyone sees when the walk into my Lego room.

  15. Police station and cinema palace are pure puke, I didn’t buy the first and disassembled the second. Market street and fire brigade are so cool.

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