ALL-ON-4 Implants done in Mexico? Costa Rica? Turkey?

ALL-ON-4 Implants done in Mexico? Costa Rica? Turkey?

If you’r thinking of having All on 4 Dental implants in another country, watch this video as Dr. H describes some of the risks that you might take without knowing. He also shares advice on how to approach this important decision when your trying to save money on the upfront cost but would like to have maintenance by an office in the United States.


  1. @ 5:20 Patients moving from State to State have failed, repair, maintenance work done all the time by dentists who didn’t do the initial work. Whether local or abroad, all practitioners MUST be thoroughly vetted. BTW there are no guarantees by ANY US practitioner. Warranty’s primarily assure reoccurring revenue The exorbitant cost in the USA is sufficient reason to explore options outside these expensive perimeters. Be aware that many US dentists use the cheapest labs they can find. The most poignant part of this video starts @ 27:27 and this disclosure alone is valuable content.

  2. C’est beaucoup TROP cher en Europe plus précisément en France. Le dentiste m’a fait un devis à 17000 euros seulement pour mâchoire supérieure au total si je fais la bouche complète 34000 euros sans compter les radios panoramique etc ça peut aller à 38000 euros! C’est normal de de rendre ailleurs pour le même travail, surtout que TOUS les matériel ( implants, pilier, vis etc) son fabriqués en Inde, Thaïlande, Corée, Turquie ) Désolée mais au USA et en Europe vous êtes trop chers. Pensez aux personnes qui ont des revenus moyens

  3. My dentist in Salt lake actually recommended Costa Rica for an all on x procedure .
    He helped me research to find a good reputable place for the procedure . He also has no problem working on it if any tweaks or fixes need to be make back here in Utah.

  4. My dentist passed away. I went to him for over 30 years, a wonderful man. While he was in the hospital he had other dentists servicing his patients, fully intending on coming back to his practice until he took a turn for the worse. I went with the dentist that took over his practice, and that dentist moved to a newer building. He did my implant, one tooth, and I was waiting for the final steps, 12 weeks later. I didn’t hear from him, called the office no answer, so I drove over there one day only to find a note on the door, he was locked out for non-payment of his rent. This all happened here in the states, not overseas. I knew he had another office, so I called and went there. I paid for that implant and I wanted the job finished. He was not happy to see me, and put me through 2 1/2 hrs of pain you would not believe. To make a long story short, I ended up going to another doctor that worked on me when my original dentist was in the hospital. I broke a tooth, and needed an extraction. He had been a dentist for 35 years, did everything but implants, but this was just a simple extraction. He sends me across town to another dentist telling me this dentist could do it faster. Faster? I could have probably rocked the tooth out of its roots myself, but I did what he told me to do. Now I have good dental insurance , and even if I didn’t , I’m financially sound to pay for any dental problems I have. I’m fortunate to be in that position. Anyway, the dentist did the extraction, I followed the procedure of changing out the dressings, and when all the numbness subsided, the broken tooth was still in my mouth, he took out a perfectly good tooth by mistake. So, I returned to my dentist for my regular teeth cleaning, he looks in my mouth and with all the sarcasm he could muster said to me "I see you didn’t follow my advice and have that tooth taken out, you are risking your health here" I said to him, take another look, your ”specialist" in his fancy office took out the wrong tooth. So, that’s my experience with dentists right here in this country. I never look to cut corners on dental procedures, I’m a good patient and this is what I ended up with. Now, my front tooth came out. I had braces, veneers, and a crown on that tooth for many years, it just finally fell out about a month ago. I’m not going to anybody now because I’ve had it and I will live with that missing tooth because I’m not going to one more of these doctors. It’s simply ludicrous. I can only assume that to become a dentist these days, they’ve lowered the standards on the dental exam. What is going on with the dental profession?

  5. I admire you for your honesty. But it is to expensive. I been trying to get dentures for ten years as my teeth deteriorated. I’m 67 I have insurance up to, wait for it, $4,000 numerous dentist do now t take Medicare or medicaid. There are thousands just like me. We are hopeless to go out in public I don’t shop, I quit the choir, I don’t lead Women’s church group anymore, I don’t laugh I could go on. I know it is not your fault nor the dentistry of the world. I wait and research possibilities anyway what you do is fantastic, maybe one day, thanks for listening to my story. Blessings!

  6. I have paid dearly for having dental work done in Mexico. I had two bridges done that lasted a year and a half. Last month I returned to Mexico because one of the bridges felt loose. After they took X-ray’s they informed me that the teeth that were holding the bridges had broken and everything had to be removed. I have to wait 3 months of healing before they can proceed with what my options might be. I’ve already paid $7K for a failure and they just shrugged their shoulders. A heavy lesson to learn.

  7. Great video, I’ve always been convinced but I will be getting in touch about work being done. Is the consultation a video consultation? I’m looking to change my smile first of the year..

  8. it’s all about cost! they don’t have to make the profits in other countries that they do in America,doesn’t mean they’re not as good.

  9. I’m 69. Thruout my entire life I have refused to allow any dentist to use gas. It makes no difference whether it’s laughing gas or knockout gas.

  10. I am not disagreeing with the things you are saying but on some level I have to take into consideration that if there was an auto repair shop on one side of the street and another one across the street… you wouldn’t expect one of the shops to be encouraging people and finding reasons why people should to go to the shop across the street instead of their shop.

  11. So if you give me an implant and I move to Florida and my implant fails, I will have to come back to see you because no other dentists in the country will want to help?

  12. I just wrote a check for 51 thousand 500 to start my treatment in Wa all on 4 upper and lower my only fear is the sedation should I be worried ?

  13. In Germany, UK, France and other Western European countries you are going to pay broadly the same price which makes implant surgery out of reach for a lot of people in those countries which means many travel to Turkey or Eastern Europe. I’ve no idea of the quality of care but when I had my all on 6 done in London my anesthetist fees were the same as the whole first stage fees (surgery, implants and temporary prosthetic) in some Turkish clinics.

  14. I have watched quite a few of your videos and everyone has been very informative. I can also attest that traveling outside the country to save money on restorative dental work may save you $$$ right then and there but down the road you’ll end up paying more due to acceptable dental standards and materials used. While I have most of my teeth I do have a single implant with a porcelain crown on # 31 no issues and I love it ! #31 was pulled and implant was installed same visit. I did not feel a thing and didn’t even need pain meds afterwards. Waited almost 6 months then abutment and crown. I also recently had #19 pulled due to failed crown and not enough of the tooth left to re-crown. I have had issues with almost every tooth and have multiple crowns and one bridge on the remaining teeth and at age 53 I am to the point I’d rather spend the funds to have the remaining teeth removed and replaced with implants than keep fighting the inevitable. What are your thoughts on All on 6 versus All on 4 or 3 on 6 ? Even though it would cost more would All on 6 be the way to go as far as longevity ? My dentist suggests the Deutsch Removable Bridge as he believes it would be easier to maintain than All on 4 or All on 6. Trying to make the best informative decision before I pull the trigger.

  15. Well thank you for doing this video I wish I had seen it before I went to Mexico to do the all on 4, cause it definitely would had help me before I made the terrible decision, I’m now in the first phase of the procedure and I do not want to go back there in the 4 to 6 months period when these implants are done healing because the experience of going to another country has been a nightmare in my case so far, And if anyone is thinking of doing it to save money I can certainly tell you it isn’t worth it, cause when something goes wrong and the odds are that something will, you will have to fly back there, in my case I’ve flown 3 times so far and it’s only been a month since I’ve had the implants surgery done. Them temporary dentures they charge me an extra 1400 dollars for have broken twice, the first time the dentist put them on they were so tight I couldn’t take the pressure I flew back the next day when he replace them he told his assistant to put them on this time at 20 not at 50 like the first time, two days after being home they broke again, they wanted me to fly back again I explain I don’t have the airfare an hotel this time I can’t afford to keep flying down there and now I have an infection that developed under the dentures and I had to go to emergency and no one can take these dentures off. So I was thinking to find someone local to finish the work and after seeing this video I don’t have much hope that I will, cause you’re saying most dentist don’t want to get involved and help a patient in another dentist work.

  16. I’m on disability due to a reckless driver. I have severe nerve damage in my back. But saved for a couple years and sold some of my tools (I love my tools)! I saved up $5k and paid for 1, that’s ONE implant with a partial made. A year after my front teeth started falling out and their X-rays didn’t catch it, their exams didn’t catch it! So they wanted another $3k for one more implant before the second tooth broke off at the gum line. So that would have been another $3k!!! I could have gone to Mexico and had both the upper and lower done for that price. Now I have an implant and broken front teeth. That’s what I received in our country. (U.S.) I’ve had too many bad dentist’s here in Tucson. I’ve had a couple good dentists. One retired and the other was way too expensive for me. They’ve priced the average citizen out of dental care. Most of us don’t have an extra house to sale to have dental done! It’s very frustrating!

  17. Doctor Lets be honest 99.9% of the people that run to these countries are going there
    because of price!! Implants here are just totally to expensive! For the price$6k people are willing taking
    the risk over price, I mean 40 or 50k to do Implants here in the u.s is ridiculous!!! And how many doctors
    here in the U.S at 50k that you’ve had to go in and correct their work going to another country sometimes
    leave people no choice, I’m sure people would be knocking your door down at 5 to 6k for dental work

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