Amazing Modern Technologies: Fast Construction and Installation Your House With Modular Home

Amazing Modern Technologies: Fast Construction and Installation Your House With Modular Home

Amazing Modern Technologies: Fast Construction and Installation Your House With Modular Home and More
In this video:
1. Hickory, using their innovative prefabricated construction technology installed all 7 floors of finished apartments with 57 Apartments, 63 Modules, installation in 11 days: www.hickory.com.au
2. Vekon expandable container house: www.vekon.com.tr
3. Berg expandable container house: www.bergco.com
4. Backyard cabin Crete constructed and beautifully styled by only one worker: www.yzykithomes.com.au
5. Assembled a cabin in a few hours from cabin kits consisting of 2 pallets: www.yzykithomes.com.au
6. Expandable Mobile shop truck: www.lmjconstruct.be
🔨 Watch more creative workers: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLyjeICtX4AX9iUZV1XOA8hGg_0G8BIrlt

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  1. The folding of greatness in a snap is all what I can say to this engineering masterpiece. It is for many must have these days, private and public office/sectors and individuals for durability of their respective investments. In vest is meant of certainties.

  2. Prefab buildings can give more stable jobs to construction workers, where they can work in the prefab-factory, instead of jumping from town to town.

  3. I like it but anyone who has lived in a flat will tell you the main problem is the like of space between one floor and the next so they you do not feel on top of each other ,hearing conversation downstairs.These don’t have the gaps either

  4. Can only get better with new technology. However, attractive exteriors and living environment needs more work

  5. А потом человек в самой нижней квартире говорит :"Я хочу съехать со своей квартирой вместе …" .

  6. This is not new, it is only this what in prefab construction was done for over 20 years building modular !

  7. I enjoy this video and the new construction technology, but I have a question for the ability of this type of building to resist storms. How strong storm can they stand?

  8. Ich bin neugierig, ob es möglich ist, in Deutschland ein Haus ohne Plastik und Chemikalien zu bauen? ich meine, ein gesundes und umweltfreundliches zum Beispiel – HANFCRETE, oder ISOHEMP.
    BITTE ….. teilen Sie Ihr wertvolles Wissen.

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