Angels Overseas, Costa Rica Edition – A Medical Tourism Association Documentary

Angels Overseas, Costa Rica Edition – A Medical Tourism Association Documentary

Deloitte has reported that in 2012 approximately 1,6 million Americans may travel internationally for healthcare, spending billions of dollars. The Medical Tourism Association™ recently completed the first ever medical tourism documentary that shows the story of one American, Bob, one of the 50 million Americans without comprehensive health insurance who traveled to Costa Rica for a double knee replacement, saving $80,000. This medical tourism patient documentary shows the patient experience from Bob leaving the United States with his wife, Bob engaging in tourism in Costa Rica, getting his surgery, going through the rehabilitation process and then returning home to the United States. Watch this medical tourism documentary and find out why so many Americans are traveling internationally for healthcare:

To Purchase this Documentary on DVD for only $29.95 follow:

If you or your hospital would like to be involved in a Medical Tourism Documentary, please email the MTA President, Renee-Marie Stephano at Renee@medicaltourismassociation.com


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  2. This is a great success story. Congratulations for the great teamwork and the outcome. Especially congratulations to Dr. Oeding for his work. Bob, hope you are doing great. health.abcgroup.com.mx

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