Beginner Weight Loss Workout – Easy Exercises At Home

Beginner Weight Loss Workout – Easy Exercises At Home

This beginner-friendly workout will help you lose weight and reduce fat at home. It works by doing cardio and strength bodyweight exercises that will accelerate your heart rate and metabolism level – which in turn will lead to a more intensive calorie burn.

The workout structure is specifically created for beginners and people who want to start working out at home.

So it’s not a difficult workout and I recommend you do it everyday of the week if you want to see good results!

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Good luck and leave me a comment below, after you finish the video workout. Tell me how you feel and if you’re a beginner!

Let’s do this!💪❤️


  1. Aww super experience 😄….tis is the 1st day of my workout….. I’m super duper sweating…..TQ Roberta’s gym☺️😌…..wanna achieve my wait lossing goal …..Fighting💪😄

  2. I had been following your workout before and it helped me to reduce 7 kg in 5 weeks.
    But I couldn’t continue it and gained weight again. Here I’m back again

  3. I have been doing home workouts for months now. I came across this video today. It made me sweat & my heart beating fast. Love it ❤️

  4. First day of this workout m currently 83 kgs :'( I’ll keep doing this workout until i reach my goals every one who’s reading this comment don’t give up <3

  5. This is my first time exercising with a routine and following a tutorial. Did the ones in a standing position. Hopefully next time Ill do the whole routine.

  6. Hi! 3rd day of doing this workout, currently 67 kg right now. Hoping to reach my goal soon :’)

    4th day, and still currently 67 kg

  7. Hi I have question, I am beginning and what time such morning, afternoon and evening that do I do exercise for one day and how many sessions of a day. My goal is lose 20kg. Hope you reply.

  8. I remember doing this a few months ago. I wasn`t able to complete it, now I can do it with easy through all of my cardio and strength training

  9. Hello Roberta, missed u soooo much, I am back after a vry long time, put on weight also but now m ready to work with u, I wish me good luck 😊

  10. This is really great! Its been 7 years i havent exercised! I quit drinking 7 months ago and its time to get exercising again. I have high blood pressure and pre-diabetic but i got this. This is easy in tye body and i will do this daily! Im doing free weights as well!!! Thank you!!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  11. So I’m doing intermittent fasting,i do cycling 4 times in a week and also doing 1 mile video:10mins
    Day 1 done:2 days ago✓
    Day 2:doing late because didn’t get time ✓
    Day 3: done🙋‍♀️

  12. Hey Guys !! 🙂 Long Story short… Im currently at 174 lbs thats a lot for my 12 years.. I already lost almost 11 pounds but gained just a little bit back Im gonna start doing this on saturday !! I’ll keep you Updated:))

  13. Just uploaded and this is first day. Plan daily workout for morning and evening. I feel great already. Lot easier than lot of strenuous exercises I was doing and not getting results. I’m in love with it already

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