Best Restaurants in San José, Costa Rica: ALL IN 1 DAY!

Best Restaurants in San José, Costa Rica: ALL IN 1 DAY!

The 6 Best Restaurants in San Jose, Costa Rica – ALL IN 1 DAY! That is the challenge for Adam Baker and Frog TV. This is a must see if you want to know where is best to eat in Costa Rica’s capital. Every meal is included from Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch to Dinner and a spot of afternoon tea and live music in the evening!

Click here to see our list of Top Restaurants in Costa Rica: http://bit.ly/1iNZEsF

A Special Thanks to all the restaurants visited:


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Presenter: Adam Baker
Camera: Carolina Bello
Edited by: Carolina Bello
produced by: Costa Rican Vacations
Directed by: Adam Baker

Costa Rica Vacations
Calle 70 San Jose 10109
Costa Rica

Tel: + 1 800 606 1860

Costa Rica Travel vlog – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3pjFWnRHW88q2ABXHGk1VQ


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  1. Soy costarricense, y aunque no tengo duda de que la comida en estos restaurantes debe ser deliciosa, no son para nada la representación de la comida tipica costarricense.

  2. I like the video a lot but you must go to the mercado central en san jose the food its really good itsn’t fancy, but its the tradicional food like the "olla de carne" or "una empanada de queso" with a cup of coffe…you have to go

  3. Hey Adam, how many times did you get mugged??

    You managed to put my friend, Xenia asleep within about 5 minutes. She was fortunate to awake for your dance routine. Well Done.

    Stick to tennis, buddy.

    Bill in Panama

  4. very nice video ,very good food ,
    sympathetic moderator  adam baker, everythings very beautiful.
    many thanks,greetings from germany

  5. I always watch your vids just cus of Adam! Gosh he’s hot! I swear if I were to run into you in Costa Rica I would literally ask for a foto!


    in all seriousness, love them a lot! really informative, even for me, a local. Never stop making vids, please!

  6. Great work, I love that these videos are promoting the capital’s restaurants, galleries, and museums. Others have given the capital such bad reviews that tourist are now believing that there’s nothing to do in San Jose, when that’s so clearly not the case.

  7. I would also recommend Machu Pichu a Peruvian restaurant right off Paseo Colon and Lubnan a Lebanese restaurant on Paseo Colon

  8. Just ragging on you, Adam.

    Very professional. I was showing Xenia SJ, and happened upon you.

    Great job.

    I´m homesick.

    Be good

  9. Wonderful and amazing video! I´m starving now!! I am costarican and didn´t know some of those restaurants! Thanks!

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