Best Things to do in Costa Rica | Ultimate Travel Guide

Best Things to do in Costa Rica | Ultimate Travel Guide, Heading into Costa Rica and wondering what to do? Check out our Ultimate Travel Guide where we show you the Best Things to do in Costa Rica!

Best Things to do in Costa Rica | Ultimate Travel Guide

Heading into Costa Rica and wondering what to do? Check out our Ultimate Travel Guide where we show you the Best Things to do in Costa Rica!

0:00 Intro
0:37 Biodiversity
1:05 Hot Springs
1:55 Coffee & Chocolate Tour
2:56 Jungle Night Tour
3:30 Activity Course
4:06 White Water Rafting
5:02 Scuba Diving
5:41 Hanging Bridges
6:10 Manuel Antonio National Park
7:02 Hidden Waterfalls
7:40 Unique Accommodations
8:45 Vegan Food Options
9:33 Bloopers

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Las mejores cosas para hacer en Costa Rica | Guía de viaje definitive

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  1. Oh my gosh LET"S GO!!! It looks so beautiful. I can’t believe the hot springs are that hot, lol! So awesome to see the cacao beans right on the tree. I love that you made cacao balls too! So much freaking fun. Also I legit don’t know how you guys did a night tour of the jungle. We went on a mini jungle hike (at Ometepe) and I was jumping around during the day from all the activity 😂 Love to see all of the activities you guys are doing- it is incredible!

  2. Did you use a tour guide to get to these activities..if so can you list the tour guide you used please

  3. Wooow this was a great suggestion Fam!! Did you shoot all those animals yourself? im a nature geek and its really cool to see those animals and critters

  4. Costa Rica is a dream!! 😍😍 You’ve been on so many adventures! I’m so happy for you. And you made also chocolate! Fantastic 😄💕

  5. Going there on January 2022 … thanks for the video and especially for the vegan options segment. Good to know I don’t need to bring my own tofu 🙂

  6. Your travel videos are very informative! May I know the name of the Airbnb where you stayed where there’s lots of monkeys. Thanks! ❤️

  7. Loved our day at Tabacon as well, awesome spot. We were just in Costa Rica for 5 weeks in total. Lots of video to edit and post now.

  8. Thank you for sharing Beautiful Costa Rica 🇨🇷
    Great video footage! Makes me want to drop everything and go! You guys are truly so lucky!

  9. If you want to see wildlife take a 6 seater plane down to the south to the OSA Penninsula. Corcovado National Park is there. Jaguars, pumas, 4 kinds of primates.

  10. Costa Rica is now at the top of my list for places I want to travel. The wildlife with those vegan food options looks like actual heaven to me!

  11. Hi from LCA ☀️
    This video is very helpful ! Arena volcanoes and hot springs look amazing !
    Thanks for this very informative content :):)

  12. Hello THANK YOU for this video. I’m planning places to visit for a vacation and your video just about made me want to book this! I did have a few questions please. How did you get to and from each destination/activity and how was that priced? Also have you been there in August, I was trying to see how the weather is? Thanks! Great video!

  13. Chocolate tour looked so fun! Wow, exploring the jungle during the night must be exciting and rafting looked like a lot of fun as well 🙂

  14. Loved Costa Rica and we definitely want to spend more time there! Thanks for sharing your experience, gave us some ideas of things to do the next time we visit! 💚🔥

  15. Costa Rica is 100% on our travel bucket list! We’ve had a few friends travel there and absolutely loved it. The activity course looked like soooo much fun! Ahhhh this makes me want to travel ASAP! Hot springs, chocolate & coffee and ocean, here I come 🙂

  16. I love this video. I love the hot springs. After all of this traveling we have done. We’ve only been to one hot springs and that was in Iceland. I’ve been waiting to do a chocolate tasting making tour😩. I should schedule one ASAP. Another favorite is the jungle course omg totally looks like fun. Hayden you scream loud. That’s totally me lol. Hayden you look beautiful in your robe and glass of wine 🍷 you go girl 🥰. You guys look like you had a great time in Costa Rica😉 Love this video. Thanks for sharing 💓

  17. Oh my goodness, what a life you are leading right now. I am so jealous and happy that you get to experience all of that beauty. OMG MONKEYS in the treeeeees!!! You guys are so much fun, I just loved watching your adventure. New subscriber here!

  18. You guys are dope.
    This just made me way more excited for my trip in Nov/Dec. going solo and want to try all of this.
    Keep bring the great content #newsub 🙂

  19. All those activities look like so much fun. I wasn’t planning on adding many of these to my itinerary but I might have to now. Thank you for sharing!

  20. I’ve always wanted to visit Costa Rica. Wow so much to do. I’ve done white water rafting once 10 yrs ago and had such a great time. The tree top walk looks cool too. How cool to see the sloth and ant water. Wow good to know they have tons of vegan food. Loved the waterfall hair flip shot! That’s the money shot 😂

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