BLACK AMERICAN Living in Costa Rica – Racism?

BLACK AMERICAN Living in Costa Rica – Racism?

What’s good Profound Travelerz! Check out my latest video as I go in depth about racial dynamics associated with Costa Rica. This stems from plights of Caribbean Black descents of Port Limon, to the issues of Indigenous Peoples rights. I learned so much and had the opportunity to connect on deeper levels here in Costa Rica. Anyway, enjoy! Profound Travelz!


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Our First Year – Living in Costa Rica as an Expat

We can’t believe that it’s already been one year living here in Costa Rica. We started in the Lake Arenal area and then moved over to the beaches. Take a look at what has changed and what has stayed the same!


  1. In your opinion, what is the cheapest province to live in Costa Rica for people with low incomes
    Pure Vida

  2. Enjoyed the video! My wife and I have been to CR twice and are preparing to move there, however, we have two teenagers and we are concerned that they may not transition as well. We need to make sure they get excellent education and future opportunities. How has your son got along? What international school is your son going to and would you recommend it? We’d prefer the IB program.

  3. We live across the bay from St. Pete in Riverview. Really want to move there but getting tge wife to move is a killer. Hopefully soon!!

  4. great video thank you! we are in ca moving to palm coast florida in June, hoping to retire to CR once the final child flies the coop 4 more years. How do you support your family there if you don’t mind me asking.

  5. Love the videos, Dude. I’m living through you guys! Retiring as soon as possible and moving to southern zone. Have been to your area previously and agree it’s beautiful. South was just more our speed. Pura Vida, Dude! Gracias!

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