Culture : A Rich African Heritage Comes Alive Deep in Costa Rica Afro-Costaricans : It is particularly evident along La Costa on the Caribbean shore in places like Limon Province ,Limon Town , where blacks are rediscovering their ancestry mostly from Jamaica , in this video i try to answer the following questions ; What is Limon Costa Rica known for?,
What is so important about Puerto Limon in Costa Rica?,
Are there black Costa Ricans?,
Did Costa Rica have African slaves?,
I HOPE you enjoyed this video of HOW BLACK AFRO-Costa Ricans Live CRAZY !!! RAW & UNCUT ( Part 2 )
On this trip my main focus was to find afro – Costa Ricans and see their way of life, enjoy part 2 of this series.

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Where to Live in Costa Rica? | Move to Costa Rica

In this week’s live stream I am sharing my screen and a map of the areas of Costa Rica and we will be talking about each area in regards to living.

My hope is that this will help those who are moving to start narrowing down some areas they would like to check out!

To discuss your move in depth and see how I may be of help, feel free to schedule a free call with me and we will go over some questions you have about your move!


  1. I have a vacant lot in the La Tigra area at a higher elevation because of the cooler climate. I would like to sell or trade. The property is a little over one and a third acres with phenomenal views.

  2. Hi Sarah, thanks for this video. It’s very helpful. I enjoyed getting a glimpse into the different areas of CR. Hope to come to some of the beautiful places you covered soon.

  3. Hi Sarah Elena.
    I’m writing this March 17, 2022.
    Things amaze me. I have been in an out of this video when time permeants. Today I’ve been printing regional
    maps on Pacific Coast especially around Dominical. No one seams to mention going to the central valley into
    San Isidro El General sing the neat mountain road right out of Dominical about a 45 min. drive and I just jump
    back in where I left off and you started talking about taking that ride. I love Dominical and enjoy all you are
    doing to help others see the beauty of this country. I’m thinking through staying for 2-3 months. Getting away
    from these Michigan winters.

  4. Been in Puerto Viejo 5 years, came from California and we love it here, we have great fiber optic internet that’s fast. We have two banks 4 ATM’s, many markets, a farmers market on Saturday,s, great coffee & chocolate here, beautiful beaches, and many expats living here, oh and we have 4 real treehouses if you want to come and stay at

  5. I’m really sorry to hear about your dog. Ferbendazole, the dog and goat dewormer, shrunk my dogs tumor. Hopefully you won’t ever need it but its good to know. It works on humans too. Joe Tippen brought forth this knowledge. He was terminal and cured himself.

  6. Thank you so much for the “tour” of Costa Rica! The Google Earth was so helpful! I also used a map of Costa Rica to follow as you did the video to get an even better idea of the location and distance.

  7. Saludos y bendiciones. Muy completa la información y excelente idea la de utilizar un mapa, me parece que solamente faltó el comentario acerca de Sámara y Tortuguero.

  8. During my time in Costa Rica, I noticed that there were few if any stray dogs in rural areas. I’m guessing that the snake population reduces the dog population if the dogs run free.

  9. Sarah Elena…I know you are the expert in CR…me, only living in latam since the 80s…with nearly 20 years in CR starting in 1991
    here are the things to be alert to

    When you sell your home there and wire funds out…CR will take 15% tax
    And maybe 15% of ticos have money…but they are connected…that leaves you the expat…see above, along with luxury home tax..etc etc
    Tap water has a high arsenic content and there are many with gastric problems including cancer…in fact some people in guanacaste are actually turning green…so CR is going green
    Forget the hypocrisy about how green they are…tons of raw sewage flows into the rivers daily
    All the attorneys are notaries as well and some have a nasty habit of retitling property
    Journalistic freedom…Parmenio Medina…read and weep
    The vp elect just stated that cr is not bankrupt…that’s why the pres made monthly trips to washington last year where he received about 5 billion in handouts…
    Don’t get me started

  10. many people posting here only need to sell one property a year to make the usual tax free 15 percent kick back to refer a property .which is usually added to the sales prices a usual and legal practice in cr,..normally in area of ten to 30 thousand dollars .and much much more when the sale is fraudulent and part of a bait and switch with a cash purchase…third party guilt is not covered under costarican your scammer will grin and drve by in their ranger rover ..grin and yell pura vida and rubbing their finger and thumb together and laughing…not hard considering the hundreds coming down with their nesteggs held out every week with one hand and waiting for someone to guide them to a disaster with the other hand .. ive lost a lot of friends in costa rkca who thought it was ok to sell property at a 5 to 6 thousand percent markup to the unsuspecting and oblivious,..most desirable area properties in costa rica have been been appropriated in huge tracts for a pittance from ticos that owned them for generations ,..legally and otherwise. .reallocated and subdivided by an army of minions..while retaining the original spanish land grant status…in other words most property you buy in costa ricas ownership can be legally challenged in court if it becomes desirable or valuable enough..or hired squatters can occupy your property for years and in the end be awarded ownership rights under costa ricas squatter laws.or you maybe rooked into thinking you own your property by nefarious lawyers who will be sitting in your house as owners when you get back from a visit to your home country..real estate law is a sad disastrous joke in costa rica…youll see lots of trolls extolling their happy marriages to ticas and fairy tails lives ..almost all are selling real estate or touting it …rent rent rent have everything to lose pairofdice theyll just joke to one another in spanish tough @#$% youre just another @#$% gringo…tve taken the time to type this because youve prbly saved and worked your entire lives and deserve to avoid being scammed and destroyed by those who think you dont deserve a break..and they are finding they get off on killing someones dreams and walking away scott free..

  11. I’ve lived in Quepos, La Cruz, Guadalupe and now Chacarita (Puntarenas). If you have any questions about those places let me know

  12. Dear Sarah Elena and dear people!😃

    At the end of this year, together with my nine-year-old son, I am moving to Costa Rica. I ask for an honest and verified recommendation regarding travel insurance. Which travel insurance does Costa Rica recognize as a favorable payment with COVID-19 covered and without the unnecessary extras they sometimes insert to make more money. My son and I have a Croatian European passport and currently live in Dublin, Ireland. Any honest and verified help is welcome, as I have never bought travel insurance before. Thanks in advance to all people of good will.💗

  13. Hello Mrs Sarah. I’m a Cuban American married to a Costa Rican woman. we live in New Orleans and I’m just looking for the possibility to move out to this country in the near future. I’ve been there three times and I love it. Thanks for sharing your story.

  14. My dream is to move to CR close to the beach, buy a house ,and Airbnb for income. Won’t happen for a few yrs but I am planning. I want to leave United States Anybody have any comments.

  15. I have lived in Costa Rica for 15 years near Cartago. All your really have to say is it it not at the coast and cooler in the central valley.
    That is what people want to know.
    Your video could be half the time of you didn’t ramble so much.

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