BUILD MORE! SOLO / DUO Base Design | SCUM 0.8 Modular Building

BUILD MORE! SOLO / DUO Base Design | SCUM 0.8 Modular Building

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Learn to build a compact base with ease! Just follow this guide where construct Walls, a Modular Base and a Garage! It’s straight forward, it also features an anti-parachute layer. A 2x3x2 modular base with various walls that help keep your stuff protected!

Majority of the music used can be found on Websites that provide Royalty Free Tracks.

Outro Music By MAT BOI: https://spoti.fi/3HW8Itc
MAT BOI on Twitter: https://twitter.com/matboimusic
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Cheers lads,
Mr Feudal.


  1. hello, can anyone have the information about motorcycles, bicycles, Quads. Will they introduce them again or…?

  2. Could you do something on the car repairs? I got a jack go into maintenance then it doesn’t work to put my tire on when I hit f or hold it and select place tire

  3. A quick question since this update have you seen the drones? I’ve been playing for hours and not even heard one.
    Just thought I’d ask.
    Great videos keep them coming

  4. I expect people to be like "Just watch any Conan, Rust or Ark build video" – Yes and No.

    Yes – The modular system is the same, that’s as far as the similarity goes.

    No – This game has a set amount of elements you can work from – Not only that, Ark, Atlas and Rust do not have walls that you can stretch to a specific size. High Walls made of modular parts is not the same as these walls.

  5. Nice build,. So you say solo can build this, say x2 times smaller. Go build it, and defend it on official server during Livestream. 🤣🤣🤣 👌 Twat. ❤️

  6. Here is a little tip for base designs. Go watch Conan Exiles, Rust, and Ark building videos for ideas. The basic building pieces are the same in all those games as in Scum. Not everything will be the same but you will get a few ideas to work from.

  7. I would like to see you throwing successfully a grenade through that window 🤣
    I’m pretty sure it will bounce back right at you 😆😆

    Good tips though. And a very nice build.
    I didn’t know about that 90/45 degree trick

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