Bunionectomy (Bunion Surgery) – Costa Rica Surgeon

Bunionectomy (Bunion Surgery) – Costa Rica Surgeon

Costa Rican surgeon talks about bunionectomy.
Affordable prices & fast medical care attract many medical tourists to Costa Rica for Bunion surgery also known as a bunionectomy. A bunion is the anterior part of the deformity. The term bunionectomy encompasses the many techniques used to fix a bunion. The bone needs to be cut and re-aligned, depending on each patient’s bunion. In bunion surgery, not only should the bunion be removed, but it needs to be fixed in such a way that there is no scope for recurrence of the bunion. Different types of bunion surgical correction are Osteotomy, Resection Arthroplasty, Repair of the Tendons, and Ligaments Around the Big Toe Exostectomy & Arthrodesis.

But apart from surgical treatment of the bunion, the patient has to take some steps, too, like wearing the right shoes that fit comfortably and not constrain the foot in any way. Also, the patient needs to watch his/her weight, as bunions are related to excess weight.
Everyone with a bunion does not need surgery unless the bunion is painful and is interfering in your daily activities.

Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates low-cost bunionectomy in Costa Rica and other foot and ankle surgery like broken ankle reduction and fixation, ankle fusion. Foot surgeons in world-class hospitals in Costa Rica, Mexico, India are board-certified and have a lot of experience.

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