Buying Property in Costa Rica – Tips for Investment

Buying Property in Costa Rica – Tips for Investment

Costa Rica Real Estate

The Costa Rica real estate market often fluctuates between the oversupply of new construction projects, and demand from the U.S and other foreign buyers. They come to Costa Rica on vacation, fall in love with the country, and want to buy.

Due to the absence of official house price statistics, it’s hard to assess the exact movements of house prices in Costa Rica… but this may be a benefit for those willing to do some extra searching.
In this video, I talk with two successful real estate investors about opportunities in the Costa Rica real estate market.

Topics in this video include: investing in Costa Rica real estate,
the Costa Rica real estate market 2019, best real estate deals in Costa Rica, and buying real estate in Costa Rica 2019.

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  1. Great content. We live and operate the #1 rated restaurant in playas del coco, Guanacaste (fyi-for sale or franchise) and can offer this suggestion. If you want to make money from your investment purchase or build ‘commercial’ not residential. If you want rental income on your residential property investment at least hire a property management firm to handle the day to day issues that will arise. If you simply fall in love and want a legacy residential property to gift your grandchildren you will be in good company. Pura Vida

  2. The Americans have destroyed the real estate market in Costa Rica, almost all homes up for sale are grossly over priced. and watch out for scammers.

  3. Costa Rica looks gorgeous! There’s some interesting tips in this video. I certainly think Costa Rica is an up and coming place. It’s super high on my bucket list, anyway. I can see more people choosing to go on vacation there and investment is always about looking for up and coming to get the best ROI.

  4. was not thinking of investing into real estate anywhere, but this video made me consider studying and thinking about it, have not been to Costa Rica, but those waves look awesome!!

  5. Hm, the properties actually cost more than I thought in Costa Rica. It would be nice to own property there but I don’t think I would be able to put in the work to do the research. Sounds like you’d have to live there for a bit to get the feel of the real estate market.

  6. People I live and own property down here. I will give you the straight up on this topic… if you fall in love with it rent! There’s many great deals on rentals all over
    If you find a nice property and want it as a vacation home and it’s something you can pass on to family and such and buying it is not going to put a dent on your pocket well ok, there are amazing deals on properties
    But never buy something down here thinking you will make money on it let alone get you’re money back
    Ain’t going to happen
    Pura Vida

  7. its a paradise for scammers,,..a pairofdice for the wary and those who believe theyre a cut above the average..and a nightmare for anyone who believes the bs ..sells the house and takes the nest egg on down to hand it over wagging their puppy tails and expecting a fair shake …

  8. Really interesting video. I don’t think I would ever consider moving here, but I would certainly love a vacation here.

  9. Decent return is fast for any real estate investment. But what does decent mean? 5% or 30%? Doing research about the market is paramount. Estate agents will tell you what you want to hear – they are mainly paid commission. So you need to be smart and do your own due diligence.

  10. When you see bars on every home that’s not in a gated community, you know the crime is really bad. The U.S. investors destroyed any value to be had down there. Paying cash isn’t an option for 90% of the would be buyers. The locals target Americans with “Gringo” pricing and makes it a horrible risk to buy. We haven’t even gotten to the extreme pricing of anything at the store.

  11. Costa rica looks similar to spain. Does costa rica. Government open for any nationalities who wants to buy a house and lot?

  12. Well I have learned that if you want to buy a home the best and cheapest way is to stay away from real estate investors those guys a fucking bozos and thieves

  13. that’s very informative…. i would buy one if i have money since the area is not that commercial..beautiful place… 😀

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