Cervicogenic Vertigo or Dizziness – 10 Easy Home Exercises

Cervicogenic Vertigo or Dizziness – 10 Easy Home Exercises

Dizziness or vertigo due to cervical spine or cervical musculoskeletal issues is not uncommon. Exercises to treat such cervicogenic vertigo or dizziness can be performed at home to help minimize if not resolve this problem. Here are 10 exercises beginning with passive range of motion exercises followed by isometric exercises.

Dizziness can be experienced with these exercises. When such vertigo spells happen, stop and wait for symptoms to resolve before resuming the exercises. Over weeks to months, the cervicogenic dizzy symptoms should improve.

However, if any pain or numbness occurs, stop the exercises and contact your spine specialist for further evaluation and recommendations.

Passive Range of Motion Exercises
#1: Head Shake (0:10)
#2: Head Nod (0:20)
#3: Ear to Shoulder (0:41)
#4: Head Nod Over Shoulder (1:05)
Isometric Exercises
#5: Chin Tuck Raises (1:30)
#6: Head Rotation – Neutral (1:58)
#7: Head Rotation – End Range (2:25)
#8: Ear to Shoulder – Neutral (2:52)
#9: Ear to Shoulder – End Range (3:23)
#10: Back Head Bend (3:56)

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  1. I have had constant dizziness for over 7 years. I’ve been to numerous ENT’s, had MRI’s, Cat scans, X-rays and no one can figure it out. Its very debilitating to live with, but I still work full time and take care of two homes on my own. I am going to try these exercises and pray that it helps me! Thank you

  2. What the hell are these guys? operation is holy not amelioration these faces then then every night we cry for pain even worse it is not worth the pain👎

  3. I’ve been suffering from dizziness since last year, and now I’m improving. Here are some things i am doing, and you should try :

    1. Stop checking on yourself, live in the moment. Try to do your daily chores.

    2. If you have positional vertigo, try playing badminton, tennis, football etc. Games tht make your consciousness stable again.

    3. Keep moving, be active. Don’t just sit and think about this thing, overthinking will only make it worse.

    4. Be careful of poor posture. If you’re studying or working on computers. Make sure tht you’re relaxing your neck in every 20-25 minutes by stretching and also give your eyes some rest, try to look away, here and there in every 10-15 minutes.

    In One Line : Keep moving, live in the moment, join a sport and reduce screentiming.

  4. I highly recommend DR MADIDA, ever since I used his  medication I regain my weight, my starminal, strength back and hearing back. I almost died when I was suffering from this Friendreich Ataxia and Meniere disease, I spent so much trying to get back healthy and nothing positive came out but only 4 months treatment plan with Dr Madida changed everything, I got cured completely. Big thanks to Dr Madida for curing me…

  5. Estos ejercicios me ayudaron con mis mareos, aunque sin la causa conocida es dificil que persista en el tiempo, gracias, ahora tengo dolor en zona de esternocleidomastoideo izquierdo, parte media superior, ojala y pongan ejercicios que aliveen esa zona, gracias//These exercises helped me with my dizziness, although without the known cause it is difficult for it to persist over time, thanks, now I have pain in the left sternocleidomastoid area, upper middle part, hopefully they will put exercises that revive that area, thanks

  6. It was only 3 weeks of applying Dr Madida herbal treatment on my herpes virus and Anosmia of 1 year. A week after I did a test with a result confirming my herpes virus was negative, I regained my sense of smell and taste completely and also this doctor cured my brother of his Ear Ringing.

  7. I tried to do these exercises but too painful I have trouble with balance mostly. Had whiplash in a car accident very many years ago and have had this neck trouble ever since.

  8. hope this work.coz have neck spasm vertigo 2yrs now. l dislike imbalance feeling everytime the pull and release spasm occurs. will try daily for a month

  9. I have vertigo and constant pain in my neck plus headaches. It’s effecting my legs balance and arm shoulder left side ..The pain is all left sided right at the very top of my neck I’d say it meets the lobe of my ear. I haven’t been to a doctor etc it’s getting unbearable. Plus advice.

  10. I just stumbled across this vid. I will ceromrtainly give this a try right now. I suffer from two different typed of vertigo, one is idiopathic and causes vestibular and ocular migrains which come on suddenly but usually pass within 30 mins to an hour a hour, no headache and mild symptons ( although I usually need to lie down until they pass).
    I’ve never heard the term Cerviogenic vertigo before, but it makes sense as the second type I have , and is definitely conected to my kythoscoliosis which I’ve had from birth and also been a martyr to motion sickness all my life.
    I had head and neck surgery 14 years ago and that’s when the neck pain got worse and the vertigo set in, oh and the banging headaches that go with it.
    I can’t see why these exercises wouldn’t bring relief tbh, the passive resistant head rotainon is exactly the same as my osteopath does.
    I will report back in a few days.
    *Edit, yes this worked, but it took a few days as I was well and truly locked up.

  11. Been dizzy since October 2021. Can’t go anywhere have 83 yr old husband driving me crazy…only relief is lying down with eyes closed…will do these and hope it helps!

  12. I tried it all. Now Iam gonna try ginger essential oil. They say it helps. You inhale it as needed for vertigo, Also drinking 2tbs of apple cider vinegar and 2 tbs of raw honey mixed in a glass of warm water 2 times a day.

  13. Everything took a turn around in my life immediately I undergo Madida herbal center treatment plan which took care of my H.P.V and Tinnitus.

  14. This Excersise was really effective for me.
    I had dizziness, numbness by day
    After doing these Excersises i have no more.
    I would highly recommend to do these Excersises
    Thank you

  15. 1.Lie flat on floor looking up.
    2. Roll a towel and place behind to support and to match necks curvature . No pillow.
    3. Takes some time to get yused to. Sleep without pillow.
    4. You may sometimes feel chocking but it will pass. No worries
    5. 1 month should improve n 4 months hopefully good .
    5. Strengthen Rhomboir musc between shoulders back .
    6. I used a neck brace 15 min at a time for ckmputer work.
    7. worked for me.

  16. لدي دوار لكنه ياتيني بسب وليس بدون سبب، وهو انه اذا حدث لي صداع خلف الرأس تماما واحيانا يمتد الصداع للجوانب، فهنا يحدث عندي دوار شديد، وللعلم راجعت اطباء على ذلك،
    هل من احد يستطيع أن ينصحني في ذلك

  17. Oh my goodness 🤦‍♀️ I have been suffering from persistent dizziness and vertigo for MONTHS. I went to 4 ENT’s, 2 neurologists, and I got every single diagnosis in the book. BPPV, vestibular neuritis, labyrinthitis, even a brain tumor and Meniere’s. I thought my life was pretty much over and none of the medications were working. So I ended up asking Dr. Google and figured out on my own that my back was the problem. I started doing these exercises and almost immediately saw a difference. Doctors get annoyed when patients try and self diagnose, but this is the reason why we do it. Cause doctors are useless, at least in my country. This is the second time I ended up having to self diagnose and figure out on my own how to manage my symptoms after countless doctors took my money and did nothing to help me.

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