COST OF LIVING IN COSTA RICA 2021, Living in Costa Rica on a Budget, $1,000 a month – is it Possible

The information we give you in this video has not changed. You can still very affordable and if you choose to, you can live on a $1,000 a month. While you will not be living like a king or in luxury, you can enjoy life in Costa Rica, if you choose to be careful with the money you spend. Your cost of living in Costa Rica doesn’t have to be expensive.

COST OF LIVING IN COSTA RICA 2021, Living in Costa Rica on a Budget, $1,000 a month - is it Possible

In this video, we’ll discover if it is possible to live on a $1,000 a month, but more importantly, what is the Cost of Living in Costa Rica for 2021?

2021 Cost of Living Update:

The information we give you in this video has not changed. You can still very affordable and if you choose to, you can live on a $1,000 a month. While you will not be living like a king or in luxury, you can enjoy life in Costa Rica, if you choose to be careful with the money you spend. Your cost of living in Costa Rica doesn’t have to be expensive.

Can you live in Costa Rica on a budget?

What you will learn will SURPRISE YOU ! LEARN MORE BELOW.

Make sure to check out our Cost of Living Video Series:

We’ll do a detailed video series on all the different things you need to know about living in Costa Rica.

While some things are one-time purchases, other things are ongoing and you need to consider those things in your Cost of Living for Costa Rica.

More about this video:

We’ve been all over Costa Rica and we’ve lived on a budget and cheaper than most…simply because we are saving every penny in order to buy our DREAM PROPERTY.

If you move to Costa Rica and you already have a nest egg…you are positioned to do things and live in a way many can’t. However, even if you don’t have a lot saved…or very little saved, you’ll be surprised at what you can do or how you can live in Costa Rica.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
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  1. Wow 200 great….. i talk to some people in costa rica they did’t know the prices. They were giving me really high price points i’m like i know i can find lower with quality

  2. Found my channel for moving to Costa Rica I am 77 on social security on $1300 a month and it is just me.

  3. So about the things you install, do you get any forgiveness of rent cost if it all stays once you leave?

  4. Why do you have ssoo much energy at your age – amazing ? really cool, lovely — very handsome people…- washing machine?

  5. So what about medical insurance….. do you lose Medicare? If so, what (if any) other options?

    I commend you both on your sharing information but most of all your determination, grit or guts on making the changes to live in Costa Rica.

    I’m still pondering the idea but I need to increase my nest egg for starters looks like.

    I’ll probably look at the flat lands not mountainous area….surely not near any sloths or any wild life like that….. noooooo way :-)…God bless you on your journey together.

    Any suggestions for a single expat contemplating moving to C.R. on a very tight budget at the present….. so maybe a while before I move if I move….I’m definitely not skilled in installing things like shelves, etc.

    One other question…. why is that particular shower called a “ suicide” shower? Is electricity involved? Yikes 😳

  6. I’m just curious. What kind of biz do you have that gives you such a freedom to live in CR? ☺️. I find CR very expensive, I was born there but moved to US. You really need to have a game plan and make smart financial decisions. Otherwise you could live pretty tight. Thanks for the video

  7. Nicely done , thanks a lot for those advices to keep in mind .Pura Vida 🤘🏼👙☀️🏖🇨🇷

  8. This is very exciting. I’m elated that I came across this channel. What are the requirements for bringing your pets when moving there? Can we land there and then out residency papers or do we ha r to do that from Canada?

  9. So such thing as mostly Vegan. Vegan is an ethical stance against animal exploitation. Stop being an animal abuser and go vegan. Adopt don’t shop

  10. It’s possible to move to Costa Rica.
    I did it in 2011.
    I noticed a bad attitude by officialdom and the locals to foreigners.

    In the meantime I found out that the government there can seize your private foreign owned property. It didn’t happen to me but there are prominent cases where foreigners have had their property taken.

  11. the way you talk cracks me up bro. its like infomercial stlye. but good job though

  12. Great Video. What’s with Vet not needing insurance? Did you have to show anything? Disabled vet. How does that work? You pay then send bills to VA?

  13. That’s true, I’m native from Sabalito and is really cheap to live there!

  14. Hi! What was that website you were using to find rentals? You were scrolling but I couldnt quite catch the website name! thank you for all that youre doing!

  15. My husband and I have been living a whole food, plant-based, no oil lifestyle for 10 years, so we are very happy to see all of the produce items that are available there!! We sure would like your veggie burger recipe! Lol! Thanks for taking the time to create these very informative videos. We have a strong interest in living in Costa Rica, and will visit soon! A fact-finding mission is in the works! Thanks again, Laura & Joey

  16. Congrats to BOTH of you to be able to live like a Tico and embrace it so you can save for your own home here! What a simple and wonderful way to live to enjoy the many riches this country has!!! I will stay watching you both ! AND YOU MAKE YOUR OWN WINE TO BOOT! HOW INTERESTING!! Take care!

  17. Random observation: You’re one of those guys that look great with a shaved head.

  18. Wanted to ask requests for content. Also small questions/ critique on videos.

    What about moving to CR if you have kids of school age ? What is the cost or options on that. I cant seem to find any video on that at all from anyone. What about the process to become a legal resident. It was new to me that you can work there unless you become a resident. I would love to see a video talking about what you can and can not do as a visitor vs. legal resident and citizen as well as the cost to acquire that. Thank you for your service, to be clear it sounds like the VA will cover our health care there, correct ?

    When your wife was speaking about eating and 1 glass she said it was $20. But sometimes, its not clear if you are speaking about price per person for both of you to have dinner and 1 glass of wine for example. I need that detail as I have 5 in my family and it changes my cost greatly lol

    Thanks, very excited I found your channel.

  19. Great video, very informative. We plan on retiring there in 9 years. It sounds like we can live a great life with 300k-400k for a home and 3500 a month retirement. We are going to rent an airbnb once or twice a year there in different areas to get a good idea of where to live when we finally move there. Are property taxes high? Can you get insulin easily/cheap? (diabetic).

  20. thank you for this good video. I’ve never been to Costa Rica, but I’ve been in love for months,,,, and I’m going to spend 3 months. The people there, (the ticos) are very kind and beautiful people. What region are you living in???
    Can i live there as a single with 2000 Dollars ???

  21. If your paying $75 per month for electricity, you are getting robbed! Sounds like you are paying for about 3 families, you mght check to see who is connected to your meter!
    I have been here for 10 years and for a standard Tico house that you are describing without AC should be about $20-$25 per month.

  22. Hello Beautiful People!
    Thank you so much for sharing all your knowledge and experience! 🙏 It’s crazy but after living my life above the arctic circle for nearly a decade, than moving back to mid-Europe, I’m choosing a new home and keep stumbling upon your videos. Within a week or two I’ll jump on a plane and head over to Brazil or Costa Rica. I’m looking for a place to write the last chapter of my book and have it published in the US (through literary agency). I’d love to ask what is the best page to find accommodation? The one I saw in the video seemed clean and perfect. Well, I believe I’ll see you down there! Thank you once again!

  23. I would love to interview someone about living as a foreigner in Costa Rica. Allen? Anyone else?

  24. Hey! I’m also a veteran and I have a question about Healthcare. From what I’ve found online it says we can receive care through the foreign medical program overseas but only for service connected stuff, am I missing something? Paying for Healthcare isn’t going to make or break me but of course every dollar counts!

    Your videos are great, thanks for sharing so much great info!

  25. if you want to visit this country do yourself the reservation of hotel and rent a car the touris agencies are a fraud they charge you high fees and the only thing they do is to do reservation and to move you from one point to the next and leave you in the hotel like a package, really awful, also if you want to see nature my advice would be much better go to South America. costa Rica agencies exaggerate what you will see, also most of this you tube I think is full of lies. I just came back and was most of the things disappointing,

  26. I’m a proud Tica. Born and raised in one of the roughest places of San Jose.
    This idea that ticos don’t have fridge, microwave, washers, computers, remote jobs just blew my mind off.
    A couple of gringos come to my country to say that they pay a little bit more for their electricity because they have AC, computers and washer, and they spend more money because for them Internet is a necessity, well, guess what: FOR US TOO!!!
    I can see that you don’t speak out of malice, I concede you that. But I recognize that empty sense of superiority and the ignorant misrepresentation of me and my people. Living with $1000 a month? Well, that’s a lot for most of people who live way better than you.
    On the other hand I’m here, made my life out of nothing after a the hasty decision of marring a gringo against my family and friends advice. Not wrong at all: a guy who took an accomplished, independent woman, and once had her isolated, found out the outlet of his frustration: hitting her, ever better if she was pregnant.
    Many of them in here, others just walk in schools and concerts and kill people.
    Now I’m tied up for my children, whose main custody was given to him, of course, HIS GRINGO! I’m a tica that is only used to have light and TV. Used to live in a square with roof with only a bathroom! My gosh, what a calamity!
    Coming from a poor family, (with washer, fridge, microwave and computer, crossed my heart, promise 🤨) after having studied abroad and doble mastering through Italy, UK, Spain, I declare I know how to drive, operate an elevator and move through the world and States rushing in airports and sleeping in airplanes.
    I know that 99.99% of my people know how to use appliances and have them, as well with Internet.
    Different than you, that work in a job you hate, kick your kids out of home at 17 -so you don’t have to deal with teenage drama, their challenges and most important decisions- and spend your life dreaming about your retirement, we, we’re simple and good people (which is not the same to ignorant and pitiful), we belong to a real family who go in the roller coaster together, and are more focused in fulfillment, personal growth, and happiness instead of money, money… being cheap, dominant, and money.
    My dad always have said: the richest one isn’t the one with more, but the one who need less.
    Get out of your gringo community, go to a hood, talk to people (I’m sorry, you my only speak English. I was born in 1978, and I was 8 when in my public school, I started learning English).
    Just be mindful. I was reminded by you, that definitely, with all its flaws, Costa Rica (Banana Land, how you guys used to call it when exploiting our indigenous families) it’s way more advanced than the USA.

  27. Hi and thanks for your video, I have a question and abaut snakes? above there? 🤔❓😁

  28. I was there from March to September in covid omg things went belly up but it was woth it.

  29. Hello
    Is there a certain amount of money you need in the bank to live in CR? I am not retired yet, so no pension. Would I be able to but a property and have a cabana to rent out to visitors or any airbnb?

  30. Hello, can I ask you some question about living on Costa Rica? You are beautiful couple! Thanks a lot)

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