Cost Of Living In Costa Rica. Living In Costa Rica On A Budget. Cheap Places To Live In Costa Rica

Cost Of Living In Costa Rica. Living In Costa Rica On A Budget. Cheap Places To Live In Costa Rica

Is it possible for a couple to live in Costa Rica on a budget of $1000 a month? Find out what the best places are to live on a budget in Costa Rica. The cost of living in Costa Rica will of course depend on your lifestyle but in this video I want to show you living cheap in Costa Rica is possible even if your monthly budget is less than $1000. I will give you a breakdown of the cost of living. There definitely are cheap places to live in Costa Rica. Since rent is the highest cost it’s important to find areas in Costa Rica where the monthly rent is low. There are many cheap places to live in Costa Rica but it’s important to find a safe area. In my video, I am showing you an example of the costs of expat life in Atenas.

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I am a Dutch expat and I have been living in Costa Rica for 16 years. I always like to share my experiences of Costa Rica Living with you. The pro’s about Costa Rica Living and the cons of living in Costa Rica

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Thank you for watching: “Cost Of Living In Costa Rica. Living In Costa Rica On A Budget. Cheap Places To Live In Costa Rica” https://youtu.be/PjtjotBI9Cg

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COSTA RICAN SUPERMARKET – Cost of Living in Costa Rica | Day 7

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Costa Rica is known for having a relatively high cost of living among Central American countries. But is Costa Rica as expensive as people say, or are there cheap deals to be found?

Today Nari and I show you exactly how much different items cost at a Costa Rican Supermarket. Enjoy!

Are there more items you would like to know the cost of in Costa Rica? Let me know in the comments and I will see what I can do 😉

As always, I’m Dan from The New Travel. Thanks for watching!


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  1. Very interesting seeing the prices. Not as different as I was expecting. Haha four loco I love those. But if I drink any I usually just have a little bit of it and share it because it can be dangerous. Weird place for peanut butter lol. Yes haha you have to get ice cream! Always.

  2. Costa Rica is super expensive, you better make lots of money if you’re planing to move here and have a semi-decent life style. Believe me, you won’t go to the farmers market every weekend to buy fruits and veggies. The tuna and towels in the video are very bad quality, the normal ones are even more expensive.

  3. The reason ice cream is soo expensive in costa rica is because Dos Pinos (local dairy company) made sure that imported ice cream had a huge import tax put on it. That way they can charge what they want. Scumbags!

  4. It’s kind of funny that some people say that everything is expensive, because (this is going to sound bad) this is a super market for poor people.

  5. 0:27 As a Costa Rican, unless you like eating from a donkey’s ass don’t buy that tuna can. Compared to others it’s seems like a great deal but you would have better luck eating cat food.

  6. What a Great Video ! I had a great journey also through costa rica 🇨🇷 I love the people there! Got to see Many Regions 18 Cities/Towns, DEFINITELY would recommend to check it out. Look at my channel to see my Costa Rican Travel Series as I Discover The Pura Vida of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2ND Travel Series 🌎🌍🌏


  8. I always found their grocery stores really intimidating lol. I recently studied abroad in Costa Rica- in San Jose & the Osa Peninsula!😀🌴

  9. Wow, those prices remind me European prices. Peanut butter, almost $6 ? IT Maybe cheaper to mail there certain things from USA?

  10. i lived there for 12 years on and off, anything imported is lots more, local products cheaper,
     most expensive stores are AUTO Mercado, catering to expats, they sell Dom perion Champlain for
    example. nice to see the familiar brands. fresh tamales and crevice in the bag can be bought in most stores, WALMART owns much of the stores thru different names.

  11. Dude you went to the worst store you could possibly go to in Costa Rica to buy food you should have gone to Mas por menos that store you went to his absolutely garbage

  12. Most wages are lower than $1000 a month. Yes, it is way too expensive for most people in the country. For European tourists, it’d be about as expensive as it is in their homelands. For Americans, it’s likely more expensive but still rather affordable.

    A lot of ticos even opt for vacationing in Mexico than visiting the beaches and tourist places. It is usually a bit cheaper, even including the airfare. And for shopping, it is usually a trip to the border with Panama (clothes, alcohol, home appliances, etc)

    For food, fruits and vegetables, there are big farmer’s markets in most towns once a week (sat or sun) and it can be cheaper than supermarkets and local shops for certain things.

    Local beer is no longer the cheapest option. Imported American, German, Spanish and Russian beer are much cheaper. The local one is good and even better than some of the cheap imports. The same applies to a lot of local groceries.

    Take into consideration that this is one of the cheapest supermarkets, and some of the products shown in the video are the chain’s own "budget brand". The better known local brands tend to be a bit more expensive (or a lot more, like canned tuna).

    But there is really good quality stuff available. Some of it is expensive but to be fair, more often than not, the products live up to the expectation. Some smaller coffee farms do have just amazing coffee. Costs about double as much as regular good coffee, but the taste is a whole different world.

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