Cost of Living in Costa Rica -PROPERTY DEALS – Buying Property and Property for Sale in Costa Rica

Cost of Living in Costa Rica -PROPERTY DEALS – Buying Property and Property for Sale in Costa Rica

The cost of living in Costa Rica can be really affordable and it’s gotten a WHOLE LOT CHEAPER NOW, with the prices of real estate dropping like a rock!

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Your biggest expense when it comes to your cost of living in Costa Rica is usually the home you rent or the house you buy.

However, after you own a home, your cost drops down to so little, that it is very easy to afford the cost of living in Costa Rica.

Today, I’ll show you some Amazing deals and some really interesting property deals…just to give you an idea of what is possible in Costa Rica.

Buying a property or buying a home in Costa Rica can really be very affordable! I am amazed at the prices of some of the properties we’ve seen!

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Let us know if you want to see more videos like this one and we’ll do more comparison videos that show you the prices of Property in Costa Rica and how you can find some great deals, find some great tips on buying a property in Costa Rica.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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  1. Unable to open link to get free PDF file that you included above. When I click on the link a pop-up appears that Says to put in my email address to get the PDF file but when I put in my name and email address I get message that says "OOPs something went wrong".

  2. Love the topic. We have been mulling buying/renting. Real Estate search engines only bring up well known companies. Would also like to hear something on HOA’s. We have been warned to stay away from those by about everyone.

  3. Thank you for informative video. It looks like an absolutely beautiful place to live. Will be coming to check out Costa Rica soon.

  4. very informative. what i noticed, there are a lot of houses like prisons to me, with fences and bars on all windows. living in a house, place like this would be an absolute no go for me.
    keep dooing what you love

  5. Love this video! Thank you for all the great information! Please do more videos like this 😁 Are there places near Santa Elena, Monte Verde and/or the Tamarindo area? Are you familiar with these areas? Would love to hear your views!

  6. When you find a property, don’t be afraid to DEAL… We’ve learned that most properties are WAY overpriced and most people are asking twice or even three times what they hope to get. But offering them WHAT you are willing to pay, you can easily get a great deal because…this is a buyer’s market and EVERYTHING is For Sale. Motivated Seller prices are MORE accurate to the market value.

  7. We are planning to move to CR in few years. We were there few times and We are interested to buy some property close to the beach in Uvita or so. You have any suggestion?

  8. Hello. Thank you for all of your helpful videos. We are working with a Remax realtor near Playa Flamingo. She described the real estate market as a seller’s market. Do you believe this to be true? Also, do you feel moving to Costa Rica, buying a property with rentals (2 casitas) and earning money that way is a good option? It sounds like we would not be able to work in Costa Rica so buying a commercial property seems to be an option. Thank you!

  9. Let me give another example of how expensive is Costa Rica…usually tourists think in terms of tours, hotels, food, transportation, etc…but for the people who want to retire or for the locals just see the following case…the price of a Toyota Yaris Sedan Core CTV 2021 in Costa Rica is 21,327 dollars…in Mexico is 13,745 dollars…

  10. Well done! My only suggestion (and I am sure you know this, even if it wasn’t explicitly stressed) is that people should rent for some time before buying.

    Love the videos! Keep it up!

  11. Thank you for this helpful video and for the pdf. . Do you have to do a covid test when you do the visa run in Panama or Nicaragua?

  12. Do you have any knowledge about Playa del Coco? We were recently there and truly enjoyed our stay. It is one of the places we are considering retiring to. It seems to have much upward potential and already has some investment made into the town center. I’d love to know what you think of this area. Pura vida!

  13. Bcz for Costa Rica people the life is very hard and expensive, they also start with the kind of business, meaning renting as Airbnb, renting rooms, etc
    The best thing is go explore all the provinces, see the pros and cons. Prices, life style, safety, dangerous, etc

  14. We don’t call all international people gringo, you are wrong, we call gringos only people from USA. How we can call European people gringos? Gringos to people from USA bcz the dollar is green color, u got it?

  15. I just discovered your youtube channel and have now only watched 2 videos, but WOW! May I ask what your connection is to Costa Rica? You have mentioned you are not realtors, so I’m just trying to figure out what your motivation is to do all this wonderful work for those of us considering moving to CR in retirement. I absolutely LOVE the mountain cabin!!!!!!! I went to CR in Dec 2012/Jan 2013. I thought I rememered people telling me that sometimes when you purchase a home you do not actually "own" the land. Do you have any input on that? Thanks again – SO MUCH – for the great videos!!!

  16. Hello from Canada! It seems when looking from here we cant find anything decent thats not over priced 🙁 Where is that home on 4 acres? I have a family of 4 amd might want to build?

  17. I’d like to see more listings. Your channel is a great resource for those of us looking to have a vacation/second home is CR. Very informative.

  18. Wonderful videos! Thank you! The only problem I have found is that there does not seem to be any way to download the pdf files that you mention in these videos. When I scroll to the bottom of the screen there is no link to download pdf. My only computer now is my newish iPad Air, but I don’t think that is the problem. We will be heading to Costa Rica soon, to explore various areas and choose the area we would like to live. Then we will look for a home to purchase there. We are in the Bay Area in CA, so we will definitely be interested in a mountain home, with fruit trees and room for a garden. We already sold our home here and are staying with friends temporarily. Thanks again

  19. We would love to see more similar videos as we plan our eventual move to Costa Rica, thanks really enjoy your videos.

  20. Yess!! Love the property comparisons and virtual tour with your commentary! Would love to see more videos inspired by this. I’m currently exploring realtor.com to see what’s available in Costa Rica acclimating my mind to the possibilities

  21. Very cool and helpful, informative video thank you. Love to know the legalities and safety of buying property in Costa, in other central/South American countries I’ve heard they can just turn up and say “this is mine now” and there’s nothing you can do about it!

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