Costa Rica – Clinica Biblica Hospital

Costa Rica – Clinica Biblica Hospital

Located in San Jose, Costa Rica, Hospital Clinica Biblica is one of the finest medical institutions. It is the first hospital in Costa Rica to be JCI accredited. It is affiliated with the Ochsner Medical Institute & Tulane University School of Medicine in the USA. Procedures popular with medical tourist in hospitals in Costarica are plastic & cosmetic surgery, Aesthetic, bariatric(lap band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass) & general surgery (hernia, gall bladder, etc.), knee arthroscopy; hip, shoulder, and knee replacements, hip resurfacing & partial knee replacement(oxford knee). Hospital Clinica Biblica also has a pioneering Type 2 (II) Diabetes surgery for non-obese patients
Medical Tourism Corporation facilitates inexpensive surgery abroad in Costa Rica, India, Mexico, Thailand, Singapore & other low-cost high-quality medical treatment at hospitals, clinics & surgery centers. Provides access to a network of expert doctors, surgeons, and medical specialists. Some of the eminent doctors here are Jacobo Zafrani, Carlos Francisco Quesada Ramirez, Oscar Oeding, Gustavo Chavarria, Luis Da Cruz, MARIO SPERANZA, Brenes, Javier, Franz Carlos Chaves Sell & FRANKLIN RECHNITZER OCONOTRILLO. Clinica Biblica is considered the best hospital in Costa Rica. CIMA, Clinica Catolica.

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