Costa Rica Dental Tourism Dr. Alberto Coto | 3 Years Later

Costa Rica Dental Tourism Dr. Alberto Coto | 3 Years Later

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Dr Alberto Coto
Jehova Rafa Dental Clinic

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  1. Love how honest and humble you are. My two biggest insecurities are my hair and teeth. Your channel and this video was super helpful!

  2. Can’t thank Curtis and Dr. Coto enough. I got a completely new smile the first week of this year all crowns and bridges. Everything Curtis says is 100% and he helped me along the way. I just wanna go explore Costa Rica with my new pearly whites. Thanks again Curtis!!! I owe ya a few beers!

  3. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great video Curtis as usual. Your smile has changed for the better, and it makes you look younger. Dr. Coto did a outstanding job. However, I know I didn’t hear that you still smoke, I hope you have cut back on your nicotine. I quit back in 1994 and never smoked again. Having said that, I use to smoke 2 1/2 packs a day, & when the hospital gave me a headache I smoked 3 packs a day. Therefore, I know it’s not easy to give them up, just try, I would like to have you around a little longer. Stay Safe & Healthy… Abrazos

  4. Hi, I have some questions as I am new to the hair system community – I haven’t buy a system yet, just considering it.

    Is there a hair system, that is good for playing football (soccer) , swimming (for example chlorine water or in salt water) ?
    I play in hot environents like a soccer hall , where it gets hot easily or in the summer, where we have around 28 to 35°C
    So kinda an active life style. But I also like to travel or swim.

    Is it possible that such a hair system will last for about 6 months?

    – background to it is –> I live in a country, where our normal salary is considered as a bad salady in the US. Therefore I would like to buy 2 hair systems that last for the year and that can keep up with my sport active life style.

  5. No, your gnashers aren’t too white: they’re a natural-looking colour. Some of the toothy grins I’ve seen on other YouTube channels? Jeez! So white they look like dentures.

    The hair looks fantastic. And those grey flecks in it? Wonderful!

    Looking classy and distinquished, kid.

    Keep rollin’. 😀

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