Costa Rica Home for Sale – 2BR Retreat Home in Marbella Area – $249,000 – #CostaRicaMatt

Costa Rica Home for Sale – 2BR Retreat Home in Marbella Area – $249,000 – #CostaRicaMatt

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This home is not for everyone, and that’s what makes it perfect. This is a very secluded, private place that is not 500 yards from a huge supermarket, and that’s spectacular. Your neighbors here are wildlife and forest; the home’s location puts perched in Guanacaste, Costa Rica’s beautiful hills with only one lot adjacent and spectacular views in every direction.

Presenting this 2BR/2BA Costa Rica home for sale at $249,000 – located in the Playa Marbella area of Guanacaste’s Nicoya Peninsula. This is a true retreat – the home is secluded and your privacy is absolute. Yet you are a short drive from some of the best beaches in Costa Rica, and only about two hours from the Liberia International airport.

This video was taken at a miraculous time, transitioning from the dry season to rainy in mid-April 2021, when a sublime cortez amarillo tree was bursting with flowers.

With the Costa Rica real estate market in overdrive, people are looking for special locations that bring you close to “the real Costa Rica.” No one wants to move to the land of pura vida to be surrounded by traffic, noisy neighbors and tourism development. This is not a property in an overdeveloped, overpriced and unauthentic neighborhood – this is a Costa Rica house that offers you the opportunity to live a more peaceful, happy life in a spot removed from the hustle and bustle.

If you are moving to Costa Rica and have questions about this property, please contact me by emailing me at matt@lat10realty.com


***LISTING LINK*** https://www.american-european.net/costa-rica-real-estate/residential-homes/for-sale/north-pacific-beaches/playa-junquillal/new-secluded-playa-marbella-2-br-retreat-home-with-pool-and-gorgeous-views/


  1. Not a chance this house is over 1300sqft as stated. I would think closer to 900sqft. The living/kitchen is exceptionally small. As are the bedrooms? Are you counting outside space also? Nice house, but very small, nonetheless.

  2. NOT TO BE CRITICAL – but the house has NO Costa Rican charm ! Looks more like a "tract home" here in Florida ! We lived in the San Ramon de Alajuela area for 5 years, and our home was FULL of beautiful hardwood cabinetry, ceiling, and trim work. And windows that opened to let in the FRESH AIR !

  3. I have lived in Guanacaste for 10 years. One thing to keep in mind, living so isolated may have it’s crime issue via home property thefts. The police in Costa Rica, well let’s just say law enforcement for property crimes, is not a priority. The assumption is, Gringos can afford to replace expensive items!

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