Costa Rica Homes for Sale – Compound with *Three* Homes, Pool & Studio – now SOLD!

Costa Rica Homes for Sale – Compound with *Three* Homes, Pool & Studio – now SOLD!

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***AUGUST 2021 GREAT NEWS! This property has sold. Check out https://www.lat10realty.com for other listings!***

This property, nestled just 400 meters from the sand at a secluded, gorgeous beach in Guanacaste, is a special find. It is a dream-come true for anyone looking to move to Costa Rica and live here while earning rental income from their property.

Lovingly known as “Mariposa,” the property features three two-bedroom homes, plus an additional building that could converted to a 1BR studio, all situated around a large swimming pool. The grounds and homes have been maintained in spectacular condition by their original owners.

Few Costa Rica homes for sale have such great rental potential – all three houses are comfortable residences and could be rented long-term or for short-term vacations. A caretaker could live onsite in the studio apartment or a fourth rental unit could be added to create a property with seven total bedrooms available to rent.

The property also has minimal operating costs: the current owners pay just $9,000 *PER YEAR* for all utilities, property management, pool maintenance, taxes and all other costs.

In Costa Rica, homes for sale usually have all kinds of hidden liabilities, which is not the case here. The compound was built with high quality materials; the electrical systems are all done to Canadian code and everything is solid concrete, with beautiful hardwood ceilings and cabinetry.

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0:33 Location Map and Overview
1:46 2BR/2BA Home Tour
3:51 2BR/1BA Home Tour
4:33 Studio Apartment (Gym)


  1. Nice place but for 1/2 a million dollars way out of my reach I can’t even afford a 50.000.00 home in the states much less here.

  2. Hi Matt
    We just saw your video. This place’s probably sold by now. Do you have something similar coming on the market?
    Please and thank you 🙏

  3. This is beautiful . Is this property still available? I will be moving down to Costa Rica in October this year with my wife and 3 kids . We are currently looking to make a purchase .

  4. 500,000 got you a hundred acres in Costa Rica not too long ago.This is all out Californication of the most beautiful place on Earth.Pollution problems are sure to follow.Same as it ever was…..

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