Costa Rica Land For Sale 2800 sq. mts. La Palmera 40 min. From La Fortuna San Carlos

Costa Rica Land For Sale 2800 sq. mts. La Palmera 40 min. From La Fortuna San Carlos

#landforsale #propertyforsale #costaricarealestate This property is located about 40 minutes from La Fortuna and about 30 minutes from San Carlos (Ciudad Quesada) in an area known as Concepcion de la Palmera.. It’s also about 1 hour from the Costa Rica/Nicaragua border crossing at Los Chiles. This piece of property is going for $122,000.00

If you are interested, email us at info@travelcostaricanow.com

This property is 2800 square meters. Don’t forget you could buy it, build a house on 800 or so sq. meters and split the rest into 2 good sized lots that you could obviously sell. It’s pretty private here. You are also located about 4-minutes from natural mineral hot springs. Very Cool.

*Remember ‘BUYER BEWARE’ and please check out our other playlists and videos to make sure Costa Rica is right for you or not. Before moving and making a life in Costa Rica, you should have already spent at at least 6 months to a year living in Costa Rica and actually I would advise, at least 2 years but I understand everybody’s situation is different and you have to do what’s best for you and your family. Just Pl ease, don’t buy anything in Costa Rica until you are absolutely sure you want to make a life in Costa Rica. Renting before buying can save you thousands of dollars as well as a years worth of sleepless nights when you can sell your property.

Right now you are on Travel Costa Rica NOW Real Estate’ but primarily we are a travel agency. So go to TravelCostaRicaNOW.com FILL OUT the 4-minute form and you’ll be that much closer to the vacation of a lifetime. We’re like you having best friends who live in Costa Rica, who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

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