Costa Rica Property Too Good to Be True Alajuela Close to La Fortuna 1 acre $120,000

Costa Rica Property Too Good to Be True Alajuela Close to La Fortuna 1 acre $120,000

#cheapproperty #propertyforsale #houseforsale ‘Costa Rica Property Too Good to Be True Alajuela Close to La Fortuna 1 acre $120,000’ OMG! Dan just keeps showing us what the housing possibilities really are in Costa Rica. While every other real estate agent only shows the ‘luxury homes’ and condo’s by the beach for half a million dollars or more, we’ve been showing you the real homes of Costa Rica. Affordable even if you thought you couldn’t swing it.

I always have said, ‘rent’ ‘rent’ ‘rent’ but this house and other like it… for example here- https://youtu.be/pvDSR1dUn3M ‘Costa Rica 6 Acres House, Party Bar Area, Workers Quarters too Good to be TRUE $295k USD’ are everywhere in Costa Rica and we’re going to try and show them for you. You DO NOT have to spend big time money for a BIG time property. GUARANTEED this home sales QUICK.

This one we showed has already been gobbled up SOLD!!! https://youtu.be/SdlloIYnds8 House, Airbnb, a nice chunk of land… SOLD for $125,00.

$120,000? Really? WTF? If I had the money,,,, at the very least I would flip it. This house has so much potential-. Small teak farm, organic farming, Airbnb’s, fish ponds…. These are the kind of houses you’ve been asking for. NO WAY this house stays on the market.

Interested for more information –WRITE US– info@travelcostaricanow.com


– 1200 sq ft house 3bd 2ba
– 300 sq ft canary room *Perfect space for another Airbnb or small house. Many options.
– Extra outbuildings currently used for animals.
– River and road frontage

Located about 15 minutes from La Fortuna. This approximately 1 acre of land is nestled next to a beautiful cattle ranch and one side (which you could purchase extra space if you were so inclined). Last house on the road. Quiet and private with only the sounds of the river and the wildlife. This home only needs minor cosmetics but is in excellent condition overall. The road frontage is next to a bridge and would be perfect for a restaurant, cabins, or raising fish or putting in a large garden. The ground is extremely fertile and planted with multiple fruit trees- Avocados, Mango and yucca to name a few. The lot footprint gives a lot of privacy to the owners house to allow a business to run without disturbing the the primary residency. Also the owner of the ranch is open to sell some more land. Making it perfect for someone with an eye for expansion. potential, Potential, POTENTIAL… to say the least and at this price, please.

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You guys don’t know how many emails you guys send me looking for a little bit different place.
A place where you can farm.
A place where you have options.
A place where you have a river.
We got it!!

This is sitting almost on an acre. It’s a little odd shaped acre, but almost an acre.
We’re only 15 minutes from la Fortuna, San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica and that’s home to the Arenal Volcano and the Cerro Chato Volcano, mountain range, Lake Arenal, and a full range of adventure tours and activities.
You’re surrounded by cattle farms, so you’re gonna be pretty private and this house is the last house on the road.
The house itself is all concrete. This house is three bedrooms plus it has an extra detached room, a nice big porch, you got a carport made out of teak, it’s got a parking area. and of course you back up to your neighbor’s property which is a cattle farm and the river is right next door. You’ve got tons of fruit trees. coconuts, lemons, many trees of avocados, mango trees, choco, and a few other fruits which people wouldn’t be familiar with. Gavilan hardwood also. which is actually used as a substitute for mahogany it’s actually a really hard wood it’s red it’s beautiful and very often these grow along the sides of the river.
i think i heard that if people are interested you might be able to buy a little bit more piece of this big property next door so somebody could easily expand the property literally right there. nice option if you need it, and the river is lovely. it’s full of fish.
You walk into an open floor plan, nice open kitchen. Good quality woods in the kitchen. Kitchen backs up to a laundry area, so it’s like a service porch area nice and open because when you do laundry here you want to make sure you have lots of breezes so that way you don’t get any mold problems. it’s very spacious. i like what they did with the hanging of the clothes with this. it heats up here. it’s like a solar dryer.

Everything’s built in concrete. wood ceiling.
Master bedroom bedroom plus large closet area


  1. Thanks again Michael for another incredible video. I was able to send this to two of my friends who are interested. This is definitely on a lot of people’s minds. Thanks, Mark

  2. Hola, Dan! Good to see you here on video! For folks watching… Dan is awesome. He showed us a wonderful little piece of land a week or so ago that’s a bit outside our price range… we still haven’t ruled it out definitively, but let’s just say we’d buy through Dan in a heartbeat and may still end up doing so. This looks like an awesome property, too… y’all folks coming to Costa Rica from the States, Canada, Europe, and the U.K…. you need to check this out. Believe me, you don’t need to spend half a million dollars to have a good life in Costa Rica. And P.S. … I want some of those silky chickens. Can I buy some from this fellow? Hook me up, Mike!

  3. Hi Estoy interesado en la aventura de ir a vivir a Costarica. We’re looking for a property Anya way an you help. ! Gracie.

  4. How can I get ahold of you or Dan? We will be there soon so my boyfriend can see what it’s like there, I would love to talk about Properties and maybe get some answers from someone who has experience there

  5. Wow simply amazing. Gives me hope that one day i could be able to have something like this for myself. Do you think that you guys are going to be doing houses in other parts of the country or mainly around la fortuna/central valley? Thanks man

  6. As government over here in Germany is heavily working AGAINST it’s citizen, I think it’s time NOW to relocate and THIS could be the property for me…really amazing and beautiful! Oh man…really planning my life now in a totally different way…

  7. Mike just a couple suggestions. As you are I assume trying to reach mostly US and Canadian people. Simple things you are to mention when you’re doing these properties. One is there hot water? Second what kind of electrical service is there how many amps to the house how reliable? Does the property have washer and/or dryer? Yes I saw the solar dryer but again people coming from the north. Does the property have air-conditioning? Just some suggestions of some things that as I’m looking it would be nice to know without having to contact you

  8. Looks lush. Wish my bit of windblown soggy clay was as fertile as that place. Just wish La Fortuna wasn’t so far from a good surf break.

  9. Hi Micheal. I just want to say thank you for all the great information you share on both of your channels. My wife and I are looking to move from the states to CR for many different reasons, and we would like to start by doing a trial run for at least 3-4 months starting this November. Your site has helped us to understand the ups and downsides of making a move to CR, helping us to feel much more informed about our move. And I absolutely love the real estate you are showcasing. It’s very hard to find more… realistic… properties for the “non-wealthy-would-be ex-pats” by just searching the internet. The props that you showcase actually give me hope that we can find something beautiful, simple, and reasonably priced. Cheers to you. And I would donate, but I can’t seem to figure out how or where to do it! We send our best to you, and hope to maybe buy you a drink someday in the future. Thank you again.

  10. Any Crocs in that river and does it over flow during the rainy season ? Very nice property for 120 Thou but I guess you need a car to live there ?

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