Costa Rica: Pura Vida – wildlife diversity documentary, Living Zoology film studio

Costa Rica: Pura Vida – wildlife diversity documentary, Living Zoology film studio
There is a small country full of wildlife in between two oceans in Central America. Costa Rica. About 5 % of the species of all living organisms live here. A new documentary from Living Zoology film studio will show you the fascinating wilderness of tropical rain forests, mountain ranges and volcanoes. You will see rare and secretive animals and examples of their protection. Feel the positive energy of the motto of Costa Rica – Pura Vida!

Living and surfing in Costa Rica

Follow along as we take you through what a day in the life at Lapoint Surf Camp in Costa Rica looks like.The beaches around Playa Hermosa and Santa Teresa is home to some af the absolute best surf spots around Costa Rica. You’ll find everything from beach breaks to point breaks both left and rights. Find out more about our camps here:

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  2. Lived there for 2 years owned a boat and did surf trips to escondido and the island out of herradura. When swell direction is just right these are 2 waves that you dont want to miss out on. Escondido can only be accessed by boat unless you happen to be friends with shane or Corey Lopez they own a place there and pop in when the a frame starts going off. "The island" is located on the south side of Herradura Bay and is a super fun left that can be surf by multiple individuals at the same time "party wave"

  3. looks good but whats with the crocodiles? i’ve heard there were some attacks this year, i know i might sound weird but i rather go somewhere sharky than with crocos… hahah

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