Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale – What Can You Buy For $200,000 in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Real Estate for Sale – What Can You Buy For $200,000 in Costa Rica

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I am a Dutch expat and I have been living in Costa Rica for 17 years. I always like to share my experiences of Costa Rica Living with you. The pro’s about Costa Rica Living and the cons of living in Costa Rica.

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  1. Any information on the planned completion is for this project, or at least the phase where people start to move in? I’m interested but the website seems to share a start date but I can’t find any information on a planned end date?

  2. 1way over priced for a condo..a few years ago condos or apartments in guanacaste area were like $40-$60k,..and they were not selling well…even in jaco area way over priced

  3. HI WANDA – I shared your video with my cousin, who is Tico and operates tour vans running from the Liberia Airport. He will contact the developer of the NYA project, regarding the possibility of bringing "real estate tourists" to their site ! THANKS FOR THE TIP !

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