Costa Rica Real Estate Info #12.1: Buying Property in Costa Rica, Ch. 1 – The Basics

Costa Rica Real Estate Info #12.1: Buying Property in Costa Rica, Ch. 1 – The Basics

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1:53 – “Is land titled in Costa Rica?”
4:05 – “Can foreigners buy property in Costa Rica?”
5:32 – “How should I look for property in Costa Rica?”

I’ve created four shorter episodes about the process of buying property in Costa Rica – this is chapter one, in which I cover some of the most basic questions. Can foreigners buy property in Costa Rica and is it titled? How should you go about finding real estate here? My advice is based on my experience living and working in Guanacaste, CR since 2008. Feel free to email me with any questions, or post them here in the comments!

Chapter 1: – The Basics –
Chapter 2 – Making an Offer –
Chatper 3 – The Deposit and Due Diligence –
Chapter 4 – Closing on your Property –

I am not providing any legal advice.


  1. Matt. Keep up the great work!
    What area of Costa Rica do you get the best bang for your buck these days? Plot of land for family vacations for next 5 years and a few months of remote work, that we can rent out while not there to recover costs. We are a young family.

  2. Can I purchase a piece of property from a Costa Rican resident meaning someone who was born and raised in the country

  3. At this point I think we are only interested in spending part of the year in Costa Rica (three months?). Are you able to to help with those types of questions?

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