Costa Rica Real Estate NEED to KNOW Before Buying Property in Costa Rica

n this video, we will talk about some IMPORTANT things you need to know before buying a property in Costa Rica. While you can type into Google, "Costa Rica Real Estate" and find some Costa Rica Real Estate websites...the truth is, YOU will only see what the Realtor or the owner wants you to see. A good photographer will take pictures at the right angle and you will never see the things that YOU NEED to see.

Costa Rica Real Estate NEED to KNOW Before Buying Property in Costa Rica

In this video, we will talk about some IMPORTANT things you need to know before buying a property in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Real Estate NEED to KNOW Before Buying Property in Costa Rica

While you can type into Google, “Costa Rica Real Estate” and find some Costa Rica Real Estate websites…the truth is, YOU will only see what the Realtor or the owner wants you to see.

A good photographer will take pictures at the right angle and you will never see the things that YOU NEED to see.

You want to know, how far is this property in Costa Rica from the nearest hospital or grocery store.

Do you have bad neighbors or will you be able to enjoy the peace and quiet of living in a Costa Rica Paradise?

When you buy property in Costa Rica, you want to Retire in Costa Rica… in PEACE.

I’ll show you how to find the right property in Costa Rica, what to do before moving to Costa Rica so that…when you do buy property in Costa Rica, you’ll enjoy living in Costa Rica.

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Thanks so much for watching and remember, Costa Rica is beautiful,
but like any place in the world…
you need to know, the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Life’s Great…in Costa Rica !!!
Allen Rich

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Costa Rica Real Estate NEED to KNOW Before Buying Property in Costa Rica

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  1. Yes, a way to layer on the altitude is a critical missing piece. Also missing are layering on maps showing precipitation, days of sun vs overcast days. I’d love to limit my searches to a certain altitude!

  2. I am SO excited to get your feedback and hear what YOU think about this video. I really had a great time doing this video for you. Let me know if you would like me to do more videos like this one…or if you would like to learn more about how to use Google Maps. HEY…maybe I should do a "Virtual HIKE up Mount Chirripo".? Let me know if that would be interesting to YOU!

  3. when i check out properties there i try to ask for coordinates so i can zoom right in on the google maps…it does help a lot…

  4. Where are the best places to find the farms for sale? I think you need to look up multiple real estate offices and drive the areas. But

  5. Be aware that Costa Rica law encourages squatters and remove all the rights of the owners. I have been fighting for my home for a year and the judicial system does not help. I also encounter that lawyers often don’t tell me the true.


  7. Going to take the family wife and 4 kids for months. We want to find out if it will work can you help? I’ve watch a few of your videos and like what you say

  8. i will be moving to costa rica solo but my daughter is taking a job there with a hugh american company dont want to live in san jose so this video helped but what about buying some things I thing I will need like a four wheeler should I buy in the states and ship or buy one in costa is the price double?????

  9. Really like informative videos. You guys are killing it. Always like to learn New things about computer and Costa Rica. Thanks!

  10. Can you recommend some real estate websites? I am from Switzerland and do not find real helpful ones… Great video! Thanks 🙏

  11. I just want to say I appreciate your channel. My husband and I are really thinking about making Costa Rica our new home by the end of next year. Thank you 🙏🏾

  12. BUYING real estate in Costa Rica is a RISKY BUSINESS. We bought a home in 2003 outside of San Ramon de Alajuela for $36,000 on a 1,000 square meter lot. After spending another $25,000 to enlarge & rehab the property, we lived there happily for 5 years.
    THEN CAME THE RISKY PART: trying to SELL the property ! Ticos are notoriously CHEAP – and expect you to LOWER your price. American & other foreign buyers are few & far between. LUCKILY, we were able to find a US buyer – after a full YEAR on the market ! LESSON TO BE LEARNED: you should RENT, NOT BUY in Costa Rica !

  13. We are thinking about buying land and moving there in the next year or two hopefully. We just subscribed too.
    We’d be interested in at least 80 acres closer to a main city and above sea level 50-100’

  14. Thanks for the video!

    I will admit that I have already been doing much of this when I look at properties in costa rica (I try to find the property on google maps, and then I have it give me directions to the nearest places of interest like markets, hospitals, etc, and then I start reading restaurant reviews), but one thing you said that was very helpful was to use landmarks like rivers/creeks to better locate the properties. This is a very good idea! I have not used the 3D function much and I may start to do this more too. I think overall many people will find this video very useful.

    As far as suggestions for future videos, I would love to see some motorcycle tours of town centers or downtown areas as these might be places that you’ll spend a lot of time if you’re living nearby.

  15. great how2 into using google maps and land viewing in CR
    Thank you
    I always enjoy your videos. Sometimes a bit to much vergbage but everyone has its style

  16. Yee Haw…..it’s almost time! I can’t wait to show you something Rebecca thinks is AWESOME and something we do to find properties in Csota Rica….

  17. Will Be in Costa Rica When this airs. So not sure we will be hooked up to internet as we fly in late Saturday night 20th and will be staying in the José por el parque de la paz urbanización la arboleda area ! For 4 days before we move to san ISIDRO for a month. Then who knows from there 😉

  18. I’m confident this will be deleted, but this channel comes off very disingenuous as someone who has been here in country for a while.

    First off: nobody dresses like that in the coast… second, he clearly comes off like a used car salesman with his delivery. This place is beautiful… and yes you should seek help before buying land or moving here…..

    … but that research should be done in person not over the internet and certainly not via someone wearing jeans and button down shirts in a Costa Rican costal town.

  19. You must be a better driver than I am cause that terrain looks unstable with the possibility of slippage.
    I visited Costa Rica almost 10 yeas back and what I noticed was that 4 wheel drive rentals were expensive while the regular two doors were cheap. Got the latter and regretted it as most roads in Costa rica are unpaved and filled with gravel. Drove at around 25 km/hr for the rest of the week to avoid damage to the car.

    I would not look forward to driving in that terrain long term especially after dark.

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