COSTA RICA – this is life!

COSTA RICA – this is life!

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Cost of Living in Costa Rica 💰 🇨🇷 – Groceries

How much are groceries in Costa Rica? We head out to our favorite spots here in Samara, Costa Rica to share with you the cost break down on some of the main grocery items. The prices are in Colones (the national currency) so we put the prices in U.S and Canadian dollars. This will help with the question of how to move to Costa Rica. A big thank you (muchas gracias) to the business owners for allowing us to film and share this with you! We hope you enjoy the video! Chao.

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  1. The peanut butter is actually more expensive than Bermuda….which is known as the most expensive place in the world

  2. Thanks for showing the pet food section, it is often missed. Couldn’t make out the brands but are there good quality dog foods available or should we start getting our pets ready for a raw diet now?

  3. Really useful video
    I would have liked to ask, in your opinion, how much per person is sufficient per month for the cost of living without smoking or drinking any alcohol with one bed housing in a small apartment in San Jose

  4. Very informative video. Those dried veggies are expensive in Ontario as well. I dont know from where they come from. Enjoy my country as much as I enjoy yours. Oh one last thing. Touristic places are more expensive than regular ones in Costa Rica. Stay safe during this pandemia.

  5. I’m following you guys to find out as much as I can about Samara. I’m planning on coming there next spring for 3 months to wet my feet. I visited there a few years ago for 2 weeks and absolutely fell in love with Samara. I’ll send you an email to arrange a consultation. Thank you so much for your videos. Very informative about real information about Samara. Thank you.

  6. I lived in CR between 2002 ~ 2009. In Guanacaste, Bagaces, Coco, Hermosa .. even Cartago. Now ready to retire w/Pensionado. Love the container conversion rentals you’ve done.

  7. Thanks 👍 not a very cheap store is it? I just went shopping here in Hamilton Ontario. Paid 2 bucks for Ritz crackers, $6.99 for 900 and something gram can of Folgers coffee. 3.77 l.b for boneless chicken breast, 4.27 for 2 litre container of 1% Natral filtered milk, 1.99 for a package of Oreos, 1.50 for a 2 litre bottle of Dr. Pepper pop, 56 cents a pound for bananas, 1,64 for a loaf of bread, 2.64 for a box of Captain Crunch cereal, a 6 pack of tall boy Molsons Canadian beer for 14,86, all prices in Canadian dollars, most above items were sale priced except the beer, milk, bananas and bread. Hamilton Ontario is fortunate to have a multitude of grocery stores providing price competition amounts the regular grocery stores and your discount type such as No Frills, Freshco and Food Basics as well as imdependant markets. Cheers! 👍🍻

  8. Good video.
    I have been watching another couple out of another country but since they are from the US the translation in prices are not said in CDN not a big deal but they do not eat meat so it makes it a little harder to guesstemate expenses if we were to move abroad for 3, 6, 9 etc months of a year.

  9. I somehow thought stuff would be really cheap there. Some of those prices are blistering. I’m from the UK and it opens my eyes as our stuff is generally super cheap. Even some of our produce prices beat CR. Some of the stuff which we need to import like avocados can be found for cheaper than in CR! I guess I need to get richer to live in CR!

  10. Look just an advice, if you shop on those small stores close to the beach is going to cost you more , same as any beach town in gringo land or Canada, go do your groceries where most ticos by theirs , there in plenty of grocery stores , one of the cheapest is call Pali. And usually if you are in any big town you will have plenty to choose from cheap Pali, maxi , Wal-Mart, price mark , and many more.

  11. Another really helpful video! Can you ever do one on hospitals/clinics? For eg., what if someone were living in Samara or Playa Guiones and had, say, a heart attack? The hospitals look like they’re a huge distance away on winding roads, and the clinics can’t handle major heart attacks, can they? (not that I’m planning on having one). I suppose they can all do (hate to mention this), viper bites?!

  12. One thing most expats in CR dont know, Dos Pinos company has created government backed import taxes that allow them to sell dairy products at much higher prices than you would normally pay. Bluebell ice cream sells at 1/2 the cost of Dos pinos ice cream at pricesmart. They sell it at this lower price until some government quota is reached. This doesnt last long however. Blue bell is a much higher quality product and tastes much better than Dos Pinos. So basically Dos pinos has eliminated all other foreign brands from the costa rican market.

  13. I really enjoy all of your videos. You two do a great job. Thanks for being so detailed. I will definitely come stay in one of your rentals when I come to check out Samara. Keep up the good work.

  14. You are saying that the prices are reasonable and doing so with a straight face. Thanx for that. Try traveling to Panama and doing some shopping in their grocery stores. So much cheaper. For even cheaper food prices travel to Columbia. Costa Rica is a beautiful country but it is now way over priced. I will never bother returning for this reason. Costa Rican’s travel to Panama to go shopping for clothing and other goods because the prices in Costa Rica are just ridiculous. Now, Panama has its own problems also. But, food prices are not one of them.

  15. This video was great i was taking notes but might have missed something. My secret junk food is Prego spaghetti sauce. I can buy it in Thailand for about $5 USD a jar. Ever see it there? ( Also hahah as you handled all of the vegetables…obviously pre-covid times 555555 hahahah jajjajajajaj! )

  16. TIP FROM FOLKS WHO LIVED 5 YEARS IN C.R. : buy all your vegetables & fruit from the local "farmers’ market" – NOT the supermarket ! As for protein: get used to eating CHICKEN, instead of beef. CR beef is generally TOUGH, and needs a lot of marinating. It is also expensive. Also – avoid buying bottled water and soda. If you eat out, ask for "naturales" or "batidos" – shakes made with natural fruit, instead of Coke or other soda. GET USED to CR cuisine – "comida tipica" – learn how to prepare CR dishes like "picadillo", "casado", and "arroz con pollo" !

  17. Hello! Thank you for sharing so much. I have a question re: organic produce and flours. I know that buying from the local farmers already shields you from the general pesticides and they should be 100% natural /organic and just miss the certification for monetary reasons.. But what about flours, milk, other general products – it is hard to find organic?

  18. Its amazing to see today in Costa Rica with 1000c you cant buy literal nothing then 15 years ago. There really isn’t a remarkable difference with the prices here are United states. In regards to fruits and vegetables in Costa Rica the quality is absolutely superior to what comes here in the states. Greetings and a big hug guys!

  19. Every item is kind of pricey. Aldi’s or Wallmart seems slightly cheaper. That is not a cost saver for me. Housing and other stuff yes.

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