Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica Travel Guide 4K

Costa Rica Travel Guide

We went to Costa Rica for three weeks. This is the ultimate Costa Rica travel guide. In those three weeks we went all across Costa Rica from inland cloud forests to Pacific Ocean beaches across Costa Rica to the Caribbean side. We saw many waterfalls, wild animals, sunsets and met unique people everywhere. Costa Rica is certainly one of the top places in the world to visit and explore. Today we will show you why.

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Moments in Costa Rica

0:00 Intro
0:57 Arriving in San Jose
1:58 Explore La Fortuna
3:41 Hot Springs at Arenal
4:47 Rio Celeste and Volcano
6:52 Tamarindo
8:00 Nicoya Peninsula
10:40 Tortuga Island
11:08 Crossing on Car Ferry to Punta Arenas
11:28 Jaco
12:20 Crocodiles
13:20 Uvita
14:49 Dominical
16:50 Glamping
17:58 Manuel Antonio
19:20 Mountain Drive to Quetzales National Park
20:46 Eco Lodge in the Forest
23:38 Caribbean side of Costa Rica

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Costa Rica Travel Guide

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  1. Such a great video! So much information with every corner of this amazing country represented.

    Just one thing that we should clarify though. Pura Vida means “Life is Good”. Truly the way we all need to live.

    Well done sir. New subscribers!

  2. How does the cost for accommodations, food & activities generally compare to Central American alternatives? Safety too?

  3. Plan to go next week but Dude, learn to pronounce the names of the places. I’ve Been to some of these places and I did not recognize what you were saying.
    Otherwise, I got some good ideas for the trip.

  4. This was super helpful in planning our trip. We had a great time during our 5 weeks. Lots of videos to post now!

  5. Was thinking of retiring in Mexico and looking at other places. Seems like Costa Rica area is similar to the prices in the US. Just based on the price of the room and drying towel you purchased. Should do a cost of living video.

  6. All is a lie, the travel agencies lie when they say a tous they only do hoter reservation and take you to the hotel like a package leave you there after 2-3 days come back a car, takes you to the next hotel , there are things to see in this country? in reality no, if you want to see nature much better go to south america

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  8. I love Costa Rica and have visited several times. Your video was worthwhile, but your pronunciation was super distracting. If you redid the audio after a little instruction on pronunciation, it would improve the video at least 50%

  9. Loving your channel. I’m heading to Costa Rica in April and this video totally helped. I have a bit of a personal question for you if you don’t mind. Before I ask just want to say I WANT TO LIVE YOUR LIFE. !!! Lol. Wow amazing adventures. So back to my question. What kind of budget you need to travel all over the world like this? Hope it’s not to personal to ask but it would be nice to get an idea. 6k/7k a month?

  10. Excellent video, really enjoyed.
    Question, as I am going to Costa Rica in 2 weeks time,
    Do you recommend to rent a car? Or it’s not necessary? We can move around with busses or we must have a car to move around? Keep in mind that we are staying 12 days.

  11. Not a half bad video! I have spent years traveling around the country, and while I wouldn’t expect you to know all the ins and outs of the areas you visited, this did an ok job of touching on the highlights.
    That sais, don’t worry about having missed Monteverde. IMO, it is easily the most overrated area in all of Costa Rica! On the other hand, it is a shame that you didn’t make it down to the Osa Peninsula, solidly being my favorite region of the country.

  12. Super boring video! I had to give up halfway through-couldn’t do it any longer!! I can get more information from Google Maps!

  13. Most times it amazes me greatly the way I move from an average lifestyle to earning over 63k per month, utter shock is the word. have understood a lot in the past few years to doubt that opportunities abound in the financial markets, The only thing is to know where to focus.

  14. Costa Rica 👀 looks like a really nice and beautiful place to do some vacationing there.😚 ↗😘The shown scenery of the beach waters, waterfalls, greenery’s beautiful to also see those live monkeys hanging around sooo awesome. ↗Also love the lovely looking tent place set up looked really nice and comfy and the food the advertiser were eating looked pretty 😋 good.↗ I’ve enjoyed the 🎥 video show, thanks for posting. 👌

  15. Wow there’s so much to see and do,I wonder if I should postpone my trip so I have more money to ease my worries…..k

  16. Hola Amigos, thank you for joining the tour and yes I would love to show other visitors to Costa Rica around on a tour! Pura Vida!.

  17. Comes to regal experience beautiful and green. I wonder why no one explores the Caribbean coast. Or not that many people. Thank you for the video it really shows off Costa Rica’s beauty I don’t really like the beaches in Costa Rica. I’ve seen prettier beaches.

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