COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Monteverde & Manuel Antonio

COSTA RICA Travel Guide: Monteverde & Manuel Antonio

Travel Well in Costa Rica with THIS great guide! In episode three, we delve into the adventure activities and spectacular cloud forest scenery of Monteverde. Then, we visit the sun-drenched shores of Manuel Antonio to spot sloths, eat loads of great food and enjoy the last few days of our tour. If you missed episodes one and two be sure to watch those then come back here so you are all caught up! Our Must-Know tips for travelling Costa Rica coming next week…

Watch episode one: https://youtu.be/eWoz8o_Y9o8
Watch episode two: https://youtu.be/QN2fBLZHBeI

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  2. Me gusta shica bella su manera de habrar sobre la naturaleza de Costa Rica 🇨🇷 tienes una manera llena de pacion hi sobretodo heres bella de hjos berde como el color de toda la naturaleza que es berde haci brillan sus bellos hojos de hemocion de todo loque espresas Dios le bendiga mija Amén love peace para su bello espíritu Amén 🙏 Gad is love peace Amen 🙏🌍♥️🏠🕊🙏🕊🕊🕊

  3. Great video guys very well done and please keep the videos coming! I hope one day my videos are as well put together as yours are.

  4. Beach, great food and great drinks is amazing. That’s what makes me love the Caribbean. Seems like Costa Rica also has a part which is similar to this, very nice! Kayaking and Zip-lining both are such adventurous activities, worth doing during your trip. I like to be active during my holidays. And those views and wildlife are amazing! I’m even more curious to Mexico. Have a great weekend! 🤙

  5. I am glad you guys love Costa Rica God bless you and your life with your family and God bless you you are a girls and your family all the time and you are very welcome anytime to this beautiful country we are love and peace to everybody and the sly because God bless you to everybody Amen my English is not perfect but my love is with you guys Amen Gad is Love peace Amen Dios nos bendiga siempre nuestros bellos hogares hijos familia del mundo entero bendiciones familia Amén 🙏🌍♥️🏠🕊🙏🙏🏠🏠♥️♥️🕊🕊

  6. Thank you for this. Costa Rica is beautiful. I’m too afraid to zipline. I’ve rode horses before.. I love the cloud forest and how knowledgeable and friendly the guides are. Manuel Antonio is beautiful. The beach and the sunset is beautiful I love all the healthy food. I still enjoyed seeing the boat ride. I like all the wildlife.

  7. Great videos of CR, Phoebe! Thank you. What month did you travel, and what should expect for weather in late April & beginning of May?

  8. Hey Phoebe! Amazing video as always. On another note, how safe do you think CR is? As somebody had replied to my comment in your 2nd video about CR that it’s not very safe. So I’d like to hear from you what your experience was like in CR in terms of how safe it is for tourists.

  9. Question: to the places that you rode the horse with, is it the only way to get access to? I don’t ride horses, for ethical and fear reasons. Thank you!

  10. I’m taking some inspiration from this since my niche is similar – more geared towards helping people be digital entrepreneurs and actually build a life for themelves while I am living in Thailand but awesome stuff here.

  11. i stumbled upon your videos because im planning a trip to costa rica in april and this really gave me some good insight on places to check out! thank you so much! also your very lovely and an amazing person!

  12. Cahuita is a better option than Manuel Antonio, especially if you want to avoid crowds/tourist trap. 3 km of crystal clear beaches with the jungle hike trail on the other side.

  13. How is that Tarzan swing? It terrifies me haha. I’m going to the park in a couple of months, wasn’t sure if the ziplining would be worth it but it looks very pretty. The best zipline I’ve ever done was in Croatia, it will be hard to beat so I can’t wait to see this one.

  14. amazing video. Just found your channel and love the video quality. I hope my videos will be like yours one day

  15. We had a similar disappointing experience at the treehouse restaurant. in Monteverde. It looks cool but we found it overpriced and the service was terrible.

  16. Comme tu peux voir il y a plus de touristes que de singes dans cette région et en plus c’est cher, donc s’abstenir les amoureux de la nature

  17. Hi! Planning a trip very soon to Costa Rica for the first time. was Eddie part of the tour you guys got? Or was he hired by you separately? I am just trying to get someone to navigate me through all the beautiful places

  18. Hi Phoebe! I’ve been googling Costa Rica lately in anticipation of taking a trip there. Because of this, your vid came up in my news feed. I really enjoyed this video, especially your candid viewpoints on food and local attractions. I’d like to ask whether you had any difficulties communicating with the locals due to language differences, or whether most of them speak English. Again, thanks for the insight and I’ll be checking out more of your videos…

  19. Hallo very good to every things in this episode l like watch while you ware in
    Mexico so much enjoy for its many natural ways able to see a lot of animals forest trees and mountains you are floating in water yes more interest enjoy able thank you for its.

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