Costa Rica Travel Guide – Top 10 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Guide – Top 10 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a paradise filled with dense jungle, massive volcanoes, and some of the best surfing in the world. We are sharing the best Costa Rica Travel Guide to hotspots like La Fortuna, Tamarindo, Santa Teresa, Uvita, and Corcovado National Park which is the most biologically intense place on earth. Costa Rica is a short flight from the United States which is why so many remote workers are heading down to this tropical paradise! WOOT WOOT

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  1. Great video. We just visited CR 2 Weeks ago and visited most of the places you mentioned. Your shots are so beautiful. Well done! The information you give is pretty on point. I wish I had a video before I visited. One thing to mention: The East Coast is REALLY beautiful as well. Did you skip it on purpose?

  2. Hi thank you so much for this lovely video, I’m not sure if I’m not paying enough attention or you guys forgot to put the link to your Airbnb! 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. Great video! It would be amazing to visit Costa Rica one day, but oh wow those prices add up 👀

  4. Great info, but the description box doesn’t have any of the info you say will be there, eg that eco-hotel in Uvita…?

  5. I love the cinnamontography! its like watching national geographic. rio celeste looks craaaaaaazy! surfing in Costa Rica is on my bucket list now, I’ve only ever surfed in the UK and id love to surf somewhere with warm weather and clear water 😅

  6. Hey, great video from CR, i am heading there in July – so excited! Could you give me the name of the hotel you stayed at in Tambor Beach?

  7. How much are the activities in la fortuna? I’m seeing on trip advisor and everything is 100 dollars Canadian per person is this correct?

  8. I love how will shooting the videos they fully intend on link other videos up top, but then totally forget to do it in the uploading process haha

  9. Please tell me your Santa Teresa video is coming?! We’ve been following y’all since pre covid and used you to plan our Philippines trip–we head to Santa Teresa this summer so your trip is perfect timing again.

  10. The Manuel Antonio "Fake vest" locals that are flagging you to park in their parking lost you guys have been saying is wrong, it’s not illegal per-say. I am from Costa Rica, and I can tell you that is seen everywhere, they are called "guachis" as in watchman "guachi man" are trying to make a living by watching over your car at a parking lot that yes is a made-up one, but they do take care of your car (don’t leave any valuable things inside the car such as electronics as it is an open parking lots, or if you are going to, just hide them, as it can be tempting to others to steal it). But yeah, they are Guachi mans, they are seen everywhere in the country, even in the central city in the main streets, trying to make a living by looking over your car. The vest is their national uniform, its actually a very used custom for Halloween, you just get a vest and you are a guachi man.

  11. Hello, we will be headed there in Feb. and staying for just about a month. Do you recommend renting a 4×4 or will a small suv be ok?

  12. Costa Rican here…If you schedule a trip to the Central Pacific (Dominical, Manuel Antonio, Jacó) avoid driving on Sunday evenings… especially if you plan to drive the Central Valley back to your Hotel or the Airport…the traffic jams are a nightmare…a 1 hour trip becomes a 3 to 6 hour painful and slow torture. Leave early, wait until Monday or schedule the trip for week days…the main reason is that locals like to spend the weekends here and they add up to the tourist crowd.

  13. Beautiful but very expensive, isn’t it? My guess is their parents cover the costs. This isn’t Youtube money.

  14. What an amazing recap! Great informative vlog! Loved it I’m saving it to rewatch! Our trip to Costa Rica got cancelled 4 times due to covid over a period of 2 years so hopefully we can make it happen soon and your advice, suggestions tips and informations will be appreciated believe me! Thank you 🙏🏼
    Can’t wait for Egypt and Jordan as both are on my bucket list 🥰
    Have fun

  15. I am going to Costa Rica for our honeymoon in October! Your swim-suit coverups are so cute – any chance you have the links to any of them? thank you!

  16. The entrance fees to the parks is so affordable and so beautiful. We took our family to Disney world and the entrance fee per person was $144.00, and spent almost all day waiting on long lines just to get on a ride.

  17. You guys are amazing and I love your video. Just want to add a Lesson I learned from Costa Rica road tripping, plan your time and don’t drive at night😅. Especially in the rain forest area. There is no light on the road and can be very foggy

  18. You need to really make sure where in CR,you could find the most wildlife in one day.
    Where the most visited national park in CR,you WON’T for sure find the most wildlife,so if you’re a wildlife lover don’t ever travel where there are thousands of people, instead travel where there no people,in this case,Osa Peninsula,even out of the Corcovado National Park,you would find plenty wildlife….

  19. What beautiful places in Costa Rica! Now we really want to visit it! Thank you for sharing, very inspiring! We are also a traveling couple and are now in Istanbul!)

  20. Thanks for the lively views you shared on your vlogs and now I noticed that you look like 😉Jennifer Anniston. c,")/😉😂

  21. next time you guys visit i have some really special tours to take you on that nobody else offers!! native secrets and special cacao and sugar cane farms, think willy wonka in the jungle! but multiples!!! little known waterfalls and hidden enchanted caves

  22. A friend purchased land on the smaller peninsula, where, wearing only a bikini, she cut back the overgrowth and cleared a land that has become an oasis for vegans, doing yoga, and, giving birth in a natural setting. Woody Harrelson had his child born naturally there. – My friend later moved to Peru, where she created a home & school for homeless children. The children now have bedrooms, clothes, they study, play, and grow their own organic meals.

  23. Thanks for a great review of Costa Rica . Once again so informative ! We love watching your adventures . We feel like we went with you with your journey each and every time . You are awesome ! Take care and God bless ! Stay safe . ❤️🙏🌹🛫🛶🚤🏝😊

  24. Lol about to leave Costa Rica tomorrow actually. Wasn’t my cup of tea personally, great people tho. I’m more into modern shit tho. Did a gate 1 tour

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