Costa Rica Travel Guide | Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel Guide | Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica

Top 5 Places to Visit in Costa Rica: Costa Rica Travel Guide

Costa Rica is fast becoming one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations. Whether you’re into adventure sports, wildlife spotting, or just looking to kick back on the beach, Costa Rica has something for everyone. But with so much to see and do, planning a trip to Costa Rica can be a bit daunting. So in this Costa Rica Travel Guide, I wanted to share my top five favourite places to visit in Costa Rica.

My top 5 places to visit in Costa Rica:

1. [0:28] Tortuguero
2. [1:30] Monteverde
3. [2:25] La Fortuna (Arenal)
4. [3:09] Sarapiqui
5. [3:56] Manuel Antonio

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  1. I’m from CR, thanks for the video! I was searching to get some different places in which even "ticos" don’t know and got to this, I’ve been all of the places, Great places, great video! Pura vida

  2. I really want to go to Costa Rica now! Was it an expensive trip? Great Travel Guide, Super informative. Thanks James!

  3. 1. Been to tortuguerro! The river tour was fabulous, and I got to watch a turtle lay her eggs!
    2. We went to Monteverde! Such an absolutely beautiful hike 😍😍
    3. La Fortuna was also fabulous! The swim was beautifully fun haha. And holy hell the hot springs!
    4. Oof Sarapiqui! Will never ever forget the white wager rafting!
    5. I didn’t go to Manuel Antonio! I’ll have to make a 2nd trip!

  4. Just came back from Costa Rica and must say it was nothing less than perfect. We did a 7 day Vlog series!!!

  5. i am planning a trip to costa rica next march…i think that this is a good season right? so would you suggest stay in San Jose and explore all these places you mention? i am looking forward for your reply!!

  6. My fiancée and I are planning a trip to Coasta Rica for our honeymoon in November for 12 days. Which cities would you pick to start and finish your trip? Whats the most convenient lodging in the areas, Air BnB? How many days would you stay in each town? I’ve been watching every review video that I can find because we want to maximize our experience on this trip.

  7. I love Costa Rica it looks like a Tropical Paradise so green and Lush so many flowers and species of animals I’d love to taste Costa Rican coffee

  8. Rappelling down a waterfall would be a lot of fun – we did a similar thing in El Salvador, which was an amazing experience 😃

  9. this video is so beautiful, thank you for loving my country^^
    to be honest even when I live here I never had the chance to visit those places and I lived thinking that my country wasn’t interesting enough as others countries but thanks to this video I would really like to explore my country! sorry for my bad English I’m still in high school;(

  10. What a Great Video ! I had a great journey also through costa rica 🇨🇷 I love the people there! Got to see Many Regions 18 Cities/Towns, DEFINITELY would recommend to check it out. Look at my channel to see my Costa Rican Travel Series as I Discover The Pura Vida of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2ND Travel Series 🌎🌍🌏

  11. You should go to Puerto Viejo on the East Coast and also add some of the wonderful beaches on the Nothern Pacific Coast to round up a top 10

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