COSTA RICA TROPICAL PARADISE! Santa Teresa, Montezuma Beach & Tortuga Island 2022

COSTA RICA TROPICAL PARADISE! Santa Teresa, Montezuma Beach & Tortuga Island 2022

In this Costa Rica travel guide we explore the Nicoya Peninsula towns of Santa Teresa, Montezuma Beach and Tortuga Island. We take you around the southern part of Nicoya and show you Cabo Blanco and several surfing communities as well as watch baby turtles get released into the ocean for the very first time. If you plan to visit Costa Rica then this travel guide will work great for you in 2022. Costa Rica is a true tropical paradise with a lot of bio diversity.

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  1. Beautiful! You have to admit, you are going to want to come back to Costa Rica! It is just so relaxing and beautiful! Thanks for the advice and recommendations!

  2. Montezuma is my favourite town in CR. We have a house in the Central Valley, but Montezuma is heaven. Quieter than Santa Teresa and far less crowded. Although pre-pandemic, it can get quite busy year-round.

  3. So what would you suggest to purchase when it comes to traveling in Santa Teresa? We only want to choose one but the best choice to navigate around the water sites also. What are your thoughts on an ATV or 4 by 4

  4. Beautiful country Costa Rica, one of the best spots in the peninsula of Nicoya, you can find waterfalls, a lot of animals, and more important mental peace.!!

  5. مرحبا انا عربي اود التحدث معك من اجل أمر ضروري جدا اتمنى الرد صديقي

  6. Nice video! I have been pining for Montezuma lately, my last time there was 1995. From your video it doesn’t look like it’s changed too much except there were only 2 bars and 3 or 4 restaurants. No quads then, if you wanted to get to Malpais, you had to take the bus to Cobano then hitchhike. Santa Teresa was just an empty stretch of beach then. No restaurants, no surfers. It looks unrecognizable.

  7. Great video! I’m shortly visiting Costa Rica for just a week and was thinking of spending the whole time in the nicoya peninsula to minimize travel time (Montezuma and Santa Teresa) do you think there is enough to do there (beaches, hiking, attractions) for a week?

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