Costa Rica – United States Dropped the Ball – Our Medical Tourism Guru Got Him Right In

Costa Rica – United States Dropped the Ball – Our Medical Tourism Guru Got Him Right In

#plasticsurgery #skinremoval #medicaltourism ‘Costa Rica – United States Dropped the Ball – Our Medical Tourism Guru Got Him Right In’ Didn’t know this until Willie mentioned it in the video but he found Johnny by filling out the Medical/Dental tourism form on our site, Travel Costa Rica NOW. And of course, we got the form over to Johnny ASAP and they talked the next day. Willie wanted to so some plastic surgery here in Costa Rica. To make sure Willie was ready for the surgery, he was to get his ‘blood work’ done in the US. But there was a problem with his blood and needed to see a doctor yesterday. As he mentions in the video, the doctors were great in the US but he couldn’t get a much needed procedure scheduled. Johnny said he could. Willie was on the plane and basically got into see a doctor pretty much getting off the plane.

Many folks are happy with the service Johnny provides. This is another happy medical tourism customer and he wanted to give his ‘testimonial’ for Johnny, who he highly recommends. Check out this video to see what happened with Willie, ‘Costa Rica – United States Dropped the Ball – Our Medical Tourism Guru Got Him Right In’

Interested in dental or medical tourism procedures in Costa Rica? Want to contact Johnny? GO to our website TravelCostaRicaNOW.com scroll down a bit a fill out the quick form and I will shoot it over to Johnny ASAP.

Johnny is the MAN. How do you navigate all this internet information about medical tourism in another country such as Costa Rica? Yes, you can do it yourself which may have a little luck involved but my guy, Johnny knows the field; good doctors, bad doctors, who has malpractice insurance and who doesn’t, who uses the latest equipment or who skimps, where is that particular service or specialty cheaper? For example, CIMA is the hospital that many gringos know but there are a few other hospitals just as top-notch as CIMA and maybe cheaper. Johnny knows this. Do you need handholding… just a little help or a lot of help? Want to mix your ‘medical tourism’ with a vacation, Johnny can also make that happen. Johnny is a face, a name, someone you can talk to personally. He is also transparent. There will be no surprises and he will be up front and honest as to your particular situation.

If you need to get your grill fixed ie. implants, braces, veneers, caps or anything to do with your mouth, Costa Rica might be a great option. Of course there’s other places to go but nothing better than being in a beautiful country while getting your grill worked on. And at about a third of the price. Now that’s a great deal. Oh, and quality work. I got my braces off last year and couldn’t be happier. Costa Rica is one of the top destinations in the world for Medical Tourism. Health Tourism in Costa Rica is cheaper (not always the cheapest), but with superb quality outcome, excellent patient care, top-notch doctors and nurses and the latest technology and equipment and not to mention one of the most beautiful locations to recover in, all make Costa Rica a popular destination. And the fact is, it is usually quite cheaper for most things than it is in the United States 50%-70% cheaper. Just being as cost effective as it it makes Costa Rica a top medical tourism destination. Just FYI- the most popular ‘tourism’ in Costa Rica is Dental Tourism- implants, cosmetic dentistry, caps, veneers, braces, teeth cleaning etc.

Aside from the natural and cultural attractions of Costa Rica, the country has top-notch recovery facilities and spas. These places offer a comfortable and supportive environment for patients to recover after a procedure. Many have 24-hour nursing services, all-inclusive meal plans, and massage parlors.

Travel Costa Rica NOW is a travel agency. GO to http://TravelCostaRicaNOW.com FILL OUT the 4-minute form and you’ll be that much closer to the vacation of a lifetime. Travel Costa Rica NOW is like you having best friends who live in Costa Rica, who know Costa Rica, totally hooking up your Costa Rica vacation.

Questions/Comments? Email us- info@travelcostaricanow.com

I hope you ENjoYed our talk with Willie in this video, ‘Costa Rica – United States Dropped the Ball – Our Medical Tourism Guru Got Him Right In’. From all of us at Travel Costa Rica NOW- Pura Vida.


  1. What would it cost for dental implants a full set…including extraction any idea….I’m planning to relocate from Ontario Canada at least half the year at first and not forfeit my government pension when I’m old enough..I’m living on my nursing pension..I retired early

  2. The health system in the states is so effed up.Weeks to find a cause may have killed him.Thank god he went to C.R.

  3. My husband had a similar situation in San Jose 5 years ago when he went in for lipoescultura. Just prior to the plastic surgery which was costing $3500 for the lipoescultura, bichectomia, lipotranferencia, botox, dermafil, full body laser resurfacing, they discovered he had an umbilical hernia. They threw that surgery in for another $500. My niece who is an RN at Kaiser here in California told me just a quick basic umbilical hernia surgery would cost at least $50K. He did all the blood work in Costa Rica for under $100. Everything was super fast. He was staying at Colours Oasis Resort in Pavas for his recovery and he would walk to the clinic every day two blocks from the US Embassy. Its important to get up and start walking as soon as you can. And important you are not in a convalescent hospital like in the US or the Caja hospitals where you are very likely to contract an oportunistic disease and die. These open air recovery spas or hotel that is willing to help you out is the way to go.

  4. These medical-related videos are the best. My husband and I will be filling out your form as soon as we can make travel plans.

  5. things are changing so fast i am now ccnfused. i need to do a border run to stamp my passport but after april 1st do i still need to have a pcr test to get into nicaragua? and do i still need proof or a flight out of costa rica to get back in? but i wont need the health form or pcr test anymore for costa rica?

  6. great video guys…yes the health care is in decline in the u.s. ..not because of lack of insurance but the lackadaisical attitudes of getting the proper appointments and such,…they will tell you sure they can see you in 3-5 weeks..who needs that..crazy and most will only do video calls…a lot of b.s going on while they line their pockets….best of luck Willie.

  7. You guys said it, its so true, just breathing the air, its worth the trip everyone, if you have never been to Costa Rica, its so real, that was really well done Mike.

  8. Had surgery in 2013 for a deviated septum. The service and results were top notch. And it was much cheaper than it would have been in the U.S. Hands down, highly recommend Costa Rica for medical tourism!

  9. The US medical system is worstvits ever been from what I’m seeing. My employer pays about $600 a month for my HMO which had always been pretty great for being able to get in to see my doctor. Two weeks ago I had a soar throat and really tired and body aches. I called for an appointment. The scheduling line said we can’t give you an appointment because you have a symptom that could be Covid-19. A nurse will call you. Day one take the day off from work waiting for call from nurse. No call. Day 2. Call back and tell them no call. Weightall day and no call. Finally I take myself in to Urgent Care, but I had to make a soft appointment because they wouldn’t let me walk in because I have a symptom that could be Covid-19. I wait in the car. The my come out and escort me to an isolated room and test me for Covid-19. Test comes back negative in an hour so they can see me. Rapid strep test is negative wont treat me and say wait for long strep test. No treatment. Meanwhile over the weekend I’m in delirium and don’t eat for two days. Manage to get an appointment the next Tuesday but they make me wait in my car another two hours questioning me several times and finally tell me go through a different entrance into a isolated room. Finally the doctor comes on. Feels my throat and says thats really swollen. Looks on and and says wow, that looks really bad and has the nurse give me a penicillin shot and sends me to labs and pharmacy for oral antibiotics. So, this is the best HMO money can buy now in the US and if I’d had something more serious I may have died in the process because no one returns your calls anymore, no one wants to see or treat you. In Costa Rica I just go to the corner pharmacy, thru send me to the back room in 15vminutes to see the 90 year old doctor who has seen it all and gives me a penicillin shot on the spot. And that was during the pandemic. Any wonder the US has so many dead during the pandemic. Many excess deaths in the US from not being treated as well as Covid-19 because they dont want to treat you. They just send you home to recover or get worse without any treatment. In Costa Rica they start you on antenflamatories, antibiotics, intravenous shots of vitamin and minerals, decongestants, etc etc. No wonders the lifespan of Costa Ricans is way ahead of US now.

  10. “Genuine & kind person”… indeed! Johnny truly IS a wholesome guy. For those with a medical burden, Johnny is a God-send. He has literally saved lives. Michael&Johnny you guys are a One-stop magical duo! ?✌️

  11. My wife is here right now because the bureaucracy in the US got in the way of critical surgery. Every doctor she saw told us it needs to be done immediately, but first we must jump through hoops and they told us it would be 3 to 4 more months. In the mean time she might have a major stroke.

    After almost 5 months of BS we flew down here. Within 2 days we had seen the best Neurosurgeon in the country, her first procedure is Friday and everything will be completed within 2 weeks.

    I wish we had heard about Johnny before, it could have made things a bit smoother. There was a hiccup with our insurance and it took a few days before flying down to get it straightened out. I am sure it would have been smoother with Johnny’s assistance.

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