Costa Rica: What to Know Before You Visit Costa Rica

Costa Rica: What to Know Before You Visit Costa Rica

Heading to Costa Rica and not sure what to expect? Well, here are things you need to know before you head to Costa Rica, whether you are heading to Jaco, Arenal, San Jose, or Manuel Antonio. We talk about driving in Costa Rica, the Food in Costa Rica, Accommodation, and attractions in Costa Rica.
Everything you need to know about a Costa Rica vacation.
Filmed in Costa Rica
Copyright Mark Wolters 2020

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  2. I am Costa Rican but living in Canada but I have decided to leave Canada to go back down there. Bye Canadá and Hi Costa Rica!!!

  3. Thanks very much for the thorough video, I really appreciate your time and effort to explain your experience in Costa Rica

  4. Forget everything he said. Go to the interior heart of country away from that tourist fake crap – see the people, visit churches and missionaries who will take you to and work with or serve the people. It will CHANGE your life. And you’ll be amazed what they teach YOU about faith, generosity, family and so on.

  5. Government from Costa Rica 🇨🇷 is hidden the number of coronavirus people there ara thousands of people who already have coronavirus. They are houndred of the people from this pandemia. Please do not sell mirror to the people. This is not safely country in central america. Neither panama.
    I think Guatemala if you see the number of coronavirus infected people is better than any other country in central america.

  6. Hey what shutter companies would you recommend to pick up and drop back off in San Jose to the fun activities like zip lining, hot springs etc?

  7. Hello greetings from Tres Ríos Santiago del Monte I am Costa Rican, Thank you for visiting my country. have a nice happy new year 🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷🇨🇷👍 Pura vida

  8. There is high number of criminals in Costa Rica. Be careful do not go there. People think this is a great country. Uruguay, chile are other great countries instead of costa Rica

  9. Hi there! I came across your video when I was doing research on Costa Rica, did you fly into San Jose ? How is the safety in Costa Rica ?

  10. There are no birds of paradise in Costa Rica, or anywhere else in Latin America. They are from New Guinea, parts of northern Australia and some nearby islands. There are numerous other colorful tropical birds native to Costa Rica such as icterids, parakeets, tanagers, toucans and many others

  11. I laugh at your 50 spf. I from Texas and we can’t hit the beach or stay out all day with anything less than 75, definitely 100 for the face.

  12. What a Great Video Thank you ! I had a great journey also through costa rica 🇨🇷 I love the people there! Got to see Many Regions 18 Cities/Towns, DEFINITELY would recommend to check it out. Look at my channel to see my Costa Rican Travel Series as I Discover The Pura Vida of Costa Rica 🇨🇷 2ND Travel Series 🌎🌍🌏

  13. Can i have your advice between mexico (Cancun) and costa rica? I am looking to relocate for online work. Where do you advice between both? Thanks in advance.

  14. What i know from Costa Rica. Sorry Costa pobre. This is a country full of coronavirus righ now. They have a lot of poor people on the favas. There is a lot of prostitution and drug dealers. They can steal your money. Dangerous country. I prefer to visit other places around the world.

  15. As a Costa Rican-American, I am quite impressed with this video. You gave great and accurate advice, and you even talked about some of the lesser known staples of Costa Rican culture that most tourists would not even think about while they’re here. Pops Ice Cream, Lizano Sauce, Imperial Beer, Tres Leches, and Chicharrones are all giant staples of Costa Rican food culture, and are definetly some things tourists should try out if they have a chance! Especially the Lizano Sauce… once you try it you will be hooked. You can buy a whole bunch to bring home and Lizano basically goes well with any type of dish Americans could make at home and tastes so good.

  16. We had to cancel our trip to Costa Rica. We would of had some amazing videos but oh well. Hopefully travel will exist again soon so be can go back.

  17. I Love this video because it has so much information and Costa Rica looks like a Fantastic Place to both visit or even Call Home .

  18. Mark can you please tell me which airport to fly into from Florida and what hotel would you suggest with a nice beach access?

  19. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Since I read your article, I have been very impressed. It has provided a lot of innovative ideas for my thesis related to gate.io. Thank u. But I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

  20. At the beginning, I was still puzzled. Since I read your article, I have been very impressed. It has provided a lot of innovative ideas for my thesis related to gate.io. Thank u. But I still have some doubts, can you help me? Thanks.

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