COSTA RICAN FOOD – Best Restaurants, Must Eat Review!

COSTA RICAN FOOD – Best Restaurants, Must Eat Review!

What’s good Profound Travelerz! Now you know I couldn’t go to Costa Rica without doing a food episode. We tried different restaurants and eating experiencing on both side of Costa Rica. We had great food in Jaco, San Jose & Puerto Viejo. We ate everything from authentic Tico foods, to fusion & to Caribe food. I ranked my top 3 spots and recommend everywhere we tried overall. Anyway, kickback and enjoy!


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1. Sodita Rustica (Jaco Beach, best value & many options)
2. Caribe Comelina (Puerto Viejo, best flavor)
3. La Comiliana (Downtown San Jose, most authentic)

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  1. This would be a great video to show to my Spanish classes – but since you cuss I’m not able to show it 🙁 You might want to consider making your videos G rated for the millions of Spanish teachers out there.

  2. Playa, the food in this video looks amazing. After watching this video, I might stop in Costa Rica while on vacation in Medellin, Colombia. I honestly don’t know how I missed this video. How is the nightlife in Costa Rica? Thanks for the info, Two thumbs up

  3. Coming from someone who spends a lot of time in Costa Rica. You’re doing an outstanding job. Other Vlogs are just scratching the surface in comparison. Thanks for the great content definitely hittin that subscribe!

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